5 Summer Body Workout you Should Try

summer body workouts

Every time I say goodbye to Winter I realize that it is time to get rid of those unwanted pounds that seem to have made their way to my thighs and bum. Even though I try to change my sinful ways every year it just seems normal to store food like a squirrel stores nuts in winter. Where I would normally go for a walk or take a ride on my bicycle in summer I find that I am much less active and couch potato behavior is unavoidable during winter.  The biggest question is where to begin? Yes, following a balanced diet plan is a necessary evil but unfortunately not enough.  A good and effective summer body workout plan is also necessary and walks hand in hand with the diet. With a great summer body workout plan we are guaranteed to get rid of the excess flab and perhaps look fantastic in our bikinis again. I definitely do not want to look like the only bubble butt on the beach or at pool parties during the summer. The internet is a fountain of information with health tips and fantastic summer body workout tips. There is always room for the traditional aerobic exercises or using exercise equipment for cardio exercises like a treadmill or exercise bike. However some of us don’t have any professional equipment and in order to do an effective summer body workout we need a very effective summer workouts plan. I found a few that are easy to do and requires no equipment. These are some workouts to get a summer body.

Grand Heel slides as the first part of your summer body workout

For the ideal summer body workout we sometimes need to look at what the most toned people do on a regular basis for example dancers. This exercise requires you to stand legs apart, toes pointed outward and hands in hips. You should then lower your body in order to bend your knees and then slide your heels back inward. This exercise might seem a bit like a ballet practice but is fantastic for posture and the buns. Remember to squeeze to really make the most of your summer body workout plan. This is one of the workouts to get a summer body.

Curtsy as a great summer body workout

With this one you might want to imagine the queen of England as part of your summer body workout routine. Curtsying might be a tradition of years ago but believe it or not can tone you right down to the size that you want to be. It is simple to do, just bend the one knee, foot flat on the ground, while your other leg is extended backwards, and repeat with the other leg. This is a new way to bring life to your summer body workout. This is another workouts to get a summer body.

Front lunges forms part of any great summer body workout plan

For the ideal summer body workout plan we know that we need to step out of our comfort zone every now and again. Various famous athletes swear by this form of exercise. Lunges are fantastic for your thighs and bum. Simply lunge forward with both knees bent and hold the position. Get back up, stand straight and repeat with the other foot forward. You can extend this exercise by using your arms as well. Lunges can be done outside to form part of a great summer body workout.

Squats, a painful but crucial part of your summer body workout

It is no secret why men that regularly exercise can brag about a fantastic set of buns, they squat. Once again focusing on the bum and thighs, squats are incredibly important. With this exercise you will tighten up all the loose areas and help with bad posture. Simply just stand up straight and squat with your legs apart, repeat this exercise as many times as you feel comfortable with. This really gives way to a fantastic summer body workout plan. This is a helpful workouts to get a summer body.

Jumping jacks, a traditional part of your summer exercise plan

This form of exercise is well-known by everyone and should form part of anyone’s summer body workout. You exercise every muscle effectively with this fun activity. Jumping jacks are a winner every time and forms part of most successful workouts. You might find yourself quite out of breath after this one. These are some workouts to get a summer body.

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