5 Things You Can Never Hide From An Empath, No Matter How Hard You Try

Empaths are extraordinary people because they can read other people and understand their feelings and emotions better than others. It is almost impossible to hide your feelings from empaths because they have the ability to see right through you.

Empaths can understand if someone is fake or dishonest with them. But as they are very mind and sweet persons, they usually have a hard time confronting that dishonest person. So even if you think you have fooled an empath, they usually know the truth, but do not tell you that they know.

Empaths are very sensitive, but this should not be seen as their weakness because this is what makes them so unique. They make great friends because they understand your problems and connect with you on a whole different level.

Always think twice, if you want to hide something from empaths. They just have this strong intuition, that they cannot help. Here is a list of 5 things you should not even try to hide from empaths because they will know the truth immediately.

1. A Gift With Bad Intent

Never try to fool them with hidden agendas. If you give them a gift to make up for something you have done or to ask for a favor, then don’t. They will see right through you and think of it as a bribe. Give them gifts only with real intention and never hope for something back.

2. Your Motives

Empaths will understand if you are doing something with the right or wrong reasons. There is no point in trying to fool them because they will see right through your agenda. The smartest thing would be to be completely honest and tell them about your situation. Most probably they will understand you and try to help you.

3. Your True Emotions

If you are feeling down, but put on a happy face, then most people would be probably fooled by that, but not empaths. They will always know if you are sad or stressed. Even if you do not want to be a burden, do not try to fool them. It would be easier to be yourself around them and show your real emotions because then they can help you and give you their support.

4. Lying About Something Big

Even the greatest liars act differently when they are telling a lie. Most people, of course, will not notice this, but empaths always will. You might even get away with some little lies, but when it comes to important stuff, do not even try to lie to empaths. The lie will come out, and in the end, you feel bad about lying in the first place.

5. Going Behind Their Backs

That is a big no no. Do not ever try to go behind their backs. The only time, this is acceptable, is when you are planning their surprise birthday party, but probably even this secret will come out before the actual surprise takes place. If you have bad intentions and you try to go behind an empath’s back, you are going to get a terrible backlash and will regret your behavior for a long time.

There are not many real empaths, so if you have someone in your life, who can read you better than anyone else, then hold on to them and never let them go. Respect their talent and do not try to fool them, because you might loose a significant and helpful person from your life. It is not easy to find people, who understand you completely, so appreciate that.

Featured Image Courtesy: Boldsky (www.boldsky.com)

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