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5 Things China Did To Control Coronavirus in Their Country

There is no questioning that what great things China did to control coronavirus. Their agility, timely decision-making capabilities, and vigorous efforts were which played a commendable role.

This effort helped them protecting almost 8 million people of the country from contracting the novel coronavirus now officially known as COVID-19.


Countries all over the world that are now struggling to contain the virus, are all eager to learn what things China did to control coronavirus that helped them in saving the lives of almost 80% of the people that had contracted the disease and further helped them in preventing more cases.

The Chinese experts who designed the framework of the plan that helped the authorities to control the rapid spread of the epidemic have stated that two main keys will help other countries counter the swift spread of this disease, which is isolation and early detection of the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised how the Chinese government has managed to put this situation under control.

Although, the country still faced its due criticism over how they handled the situation initially, in the long run, the Chinese have managed to emerge as the heroes that inspired the rest of the world to battle this disease with all they have.

Here are 5 things China did to control the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Strict Social Distancing

After the country witnessed substantial growth in the number of cases every day, the country’s government imposed strict laws concerning social distancing in the province of Wuhan on the 23rd of January.

Soon all the other provinces of the country followed suit which eventually resulted in a country-wide lockdown.

Moreover, the government placed security guards on patrol of every residence to ensure that the order of containment was carried out without any violation.

The government also took care of the public’s basic needs by providing them with grocery items at their doorsteps which would refrain them from hoarding and further panicking about the lockdown situation.

2. Easily Accessible Testing And Treatment

The government made sure that any patient suffering from COVID-19 or any person who displayed the symptoms of coronavirus wouldn’t have to worry about the expense of their treatment or tests.

They carried out free testing and also informed the citizens that people without any health insurance would have their treatment expenses taken care of by the government.

Smart decision on their part was they shifted non-critical medical treatments online. This not only protected the health of both the doctor and the patient but also saved much of their time which could be used to treat patients who were fighting their way through death.


3. Faster Construction Of Hospitals

China built two hospitals with laborers working day-in and day-out to complete the construction in the shortest time possible.

They managed to build one of them in the record-breaking time of 6 six days that could accommodate a maximum amount of 13,000 patients and built the other one in 15 days.

The reason they were able to build it so fast was that instead of preplanning the whole structure and foundation of the building first, they choose the prefabricated approach.

This means that they built both these things, the construction, and the structure simultaneously in order to save time.

They also converted public places like stadiums, hotels, and training centers into temporary hospitals within 24 to 72 hours.

4. Pro-active Surveillance

Chinese were extremely agile in their detection of newer cases through their extreme and thorough surveillance measures.

They were also quick in tracking people who were previously in contact with the ones who tested positive for the virus and then in putting those contacts in quarantine.

Another factor that the Chinese had to their advantage, was the public understanding of these measures on a mass level.

While we have seen many other countries shamelessly defying the implementation of these precautionary measures and then regretting it later on.

The Chinese, on the other hand, stood side-by-side with their government on all the decisions they made for their future betterment.

5. Sealed off the epicenter of the disease, Wuhan

Another thing China did to control coronavirus, they didn’t even hesitate to seal the entire hospital wards to control its spreading. They even suspended trains from stopping at their stations in Wuhan.

They only allowed them to pass through there with their blinds down because tightly packed forms of transportation like buses and trains could spread the virus among the people within a few minutes.

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