5 Things Generation Z Must Learn From Millennials

The world is now divided into two – Millennial and Generation Z. The millennials are growing older while Generation Z is still growing up. And you know what they say at the end of the day, ‘you can always learn a thing or two from your elders’.

Since it’s the other way around, many people agree that Generation Z is the generation of the future which will be more dynamic, realistic, and creative than any other generations including millennials.

But millennials don’t think that they don’t belong in the future. They value people, relationships, and experiences the most. Therefore, they think they are special and deserve the future as much as Generation Z. After all, a recent study shows that by 2022, 70% of the workplaces will have more millennials than Gen Z.

Let’s not waste our time pretending that Gen Z is the perfect generation. Yes, it’s precious and turbulent but not as wise as the millennials AKA their elders for sure.

With the whole Generation Z vs Millennials thing going on for years, we have fully done our homework while comparing the two of them and coming up with a list of things that Gen Z can learn from millennials to put a final end to this debate.

If you’re also wondering what the list is all about, you can see the 5 things Gen Z must learn from millennials below;


Things Gen Z learn from millennials can build them up for the future. Millennials are always positive about sharing their valuable experiences with the people and creating a difference in society. Their main focus is to enjoy real-life experiences as much as possible because it creates a meaningful impact on everyone’s lives and doubles the joy of the people.

With Gen Z claiming to be a part of the future, living in the moments and sharing experiences can definitely bring a better change in the world and it will add as a bonus point to their multiple quality traits as well.


Gen Z is a spontaneous generation. You can expect diversity and innovation but you can’t expect stability at the same time. Millennials are more like over-thinkers. They think about their future, they think about their responsibilities, and they think about finding a stable job so they can fulfill their responsibilities and have some stability in their lives.

This is not the case with Gen Z. They appreciate a tech-savvy environment with dynamic growth and career development which is good too but unhealthy at the same time. It’s because everyone needs stability in their jobs and lives in the long run for successful career development.


Yes, it’s great to breathe in a technology-enabled world that fascinates the people with its multiple charms and products every day in the face of technology. However, the millennials may live their lives by the books but they don’t spend their lives living on the screens, unlike Gen Z.

With the use of laptops, smartphones, wearable gadgets, screen pads, and several other technology devices, it’s essential to remember your family too and spending some quality time with them as it can help Gen Z learn more about family values and love.

It’s also essential for Gen Z to value culture and to respect people just the way they are. If they will value their elders and relationships more, it will reflect on the new future generations in the same way.


According to recent studies, the new generation is struggling with more mental issues and concerns than millennials. Gen Z seems more depressed and stressed than any other generation. They face a hard time opening about their mental conditions to people which is understandable and alarming at the same time.

With more alarming factors and mental concerns, it’s only natural for young people to stay content with what they have and stop worrying about what they don’t. The millennials have expressed their concerns and doubts over time too.

However, they have always remained strong-willed and optimistic toward life which may be a good factor to start fresh or remain positive about life. Gen Z can learn to become stronger and better if they accept the situation and face it as it is while learning to stay content with things.


The last thing Gen Z has to learn from the millennials is to save more money but don’t let money take over you. It’s fair to save money for unfortunate circumstances such as economic crisis or inflation. However, don’t let money become your best priority over meaningful things.

Yes, money is essential and at some point, it will come out as an only essential thing in your life but it’s not. There are far better things in life than money. They are your friends, family, and life goals. Chase your goals and chase the money but don’t forget to chase your loved ones too. This is the best thing that Gen Z can learn from millennials.


With a bright future, Gen Z can still improve and learn more from millennials since they are more experienced and well-versed in their fields. Don’t get it wrong. Gen Z is a thoughtful and brain-storming generation. It is one of the coolest generations of all times as it’s always up for challenges, adventures, and creative innovations that other generations can only think about.

The new generation listens more, accepts criticism, welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, and brings out the best in people. The millennials can also learn a thing or two from Gen Z as one thing will always remain common between both of these generations and its ‘Learning’. With learning, we grow and therefore it’s essential to practice the habit of learning daily regardless of your age or other factors.

Alexa Opal Hamilton

Alexa Opal Hamilton is the author of three books and her genres range from dystopian Sci-fi to Romance. She is also a comedy writer who has written sitcom spec scripts, along with hilariously animated blogs and comic strips. Born and raised in west Texas, Alexa now travels all over North America (usually moving twice a year) with her hockey-player husband and two children. When she's not writing, Alexa enjoys reading, running and spending time with her family.

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