5 Sexting Tips That Will Leave You Steamed Up Before It Happens

Sexting is one way of arousing your partner using text messages or nudies via your phone especially when you are not together. Sexting can be the real virtual foreplay before actual foreplay. It’s characterized by flirting and hints that leave the other aroused and ready to have sex.

Sexting can take different forms including sending nudies, sexual emojis and text messages that leave a sexual picture on the recipient’s mind in readiness for sex.

This is why it is considered to be the best foreplay that leaves the two of you ready and steamed up for hot sex. While it helps to arouse things between the sheets and improves your sexual expressions, sexting can be a bit risky especially when your nude pictures leak online. It is therefore important to sext while considering your privacy.

1. #ThrowbackThursday

You can remind him about the steamy sex you had before breaking up or maybe just bring in some sexy and intimate topics. Tell him how you miss his big ‘D’ inside you or what you liked from your previous sexual escapades with him. By reminding him of your past sexual excitement and happy hours he gets aroused and longing to have you for a very hot sex. Appreciate them and make sure you tell them what they want to hear-maybe appreciate how he made love to you and tell him how you miss getting some hot love-making session from him. Create a love-making picture in his mind to keep him aroused and ready for you.

2. Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Though there are no Emojis for sexting? Well, you got it wrong. Attach an emoji describing how you long to make love and make him feel you seriously want him inside you. There are different emojis you can use to express how you feel and pass the message across to them.

Purchase your flirtmoji and explore the different emojis it offers (over 150 sexual emojis ) to be precise. Enhance your sext messages by using the appropriate emoji which can make your partner wet immediately and just long to have sex.

3. Do Not Be Shy and Just Say What You Want

You can be as dirty as you want when sexting. Your main point should pass across. Flirt with your partner without denying the things you like and long for. If you want him to go down on you or you want to explore other things on his body make him know that without shying off.

This is the secret to effective sexting. Tell him how adventurous and curious you are and how you want to test this hot sex position you read about in a magazine. Whatever you text should leave him anticipating for what you have in store for them the moment you meet and have that happy hour just between the two of you. The juicy and steamy pictures you create in his mind leave him in a sexy mood ready for it.

4. Use Nattr App

This app specializes in giving you sexting points and hints to send to your partner. With the different flirting points available, you cannot be disappointed because all you need to post on the app to get what to reply is your current text message. This app got you covered because it sorts all your messages (not nude photos though) and gives you what you require while protecting your privacy. Nattr has all the flirtations that you need and all forms of sexual and steamy replies that can serve the purpose you want them to. Just go the Nattr way.

5. Share Dirty Messages

Sexting involves talking the dirty stuff you would like to do with your partner. Remember it’s normal to talk dirty and have steamy sexting that would leave the two of you long to have sex and get intimate. Incorporate the words you usually use to represent your body parts and how you want your next love-making to be fantastic and hot. Wrap up the whole texting with nice and hot explicitness to make your partner ready for you. Openness should characterize the secret to a steamy and hot texting session and being free to share with your partner what you want and how you want it.

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