5 Ways to Start Being Mindful Today

5 ways to start being mindful today

Everyone wishes to live a healthy life both mentally and physically. One way to keep your mental health optimal is by being mindful. Mindfulness means being in the present.

People often dwell upon the past or worry about the future. This habit only provokes the person and makes him anxious. Mindfulness techniques allow you to control anxiety levels and be aware of your present environment.

Now if you have decided to start being mindful today, you might be thinking about how exactly you can do that. For this purpose, this article will provide you insight into the 5 strategies that you can adopt to start being mindful in your everyday life. A person will experience an entire powerful mindful transformation. It will help improve sleep and reduce stress levels.   The chances of chronic pain, heart disease, or digestive issue will also decrease greatly.

Meditation and Yoga

The best way to observe mindfulness is to start meditation every day early in the morning. Select an open space like a lawn or terrace. Sit with a straight posture with your legs crossed and set a timer for at least 10 minutes. It is up to you to either close your eyes or keep them open. The main thing is to focus on your breathing process. Don’t let any random thought enter your mind.

Track your breathing with complete concentration. Through your nose take a deep breath.  Then, slowly exhale through your mouth. It might be hard to focus in the beginning but with practice every day you’ll be able to master the technique of meditation. Meditation or yoga exercises will help you with your stress or aggression.

Prevent Overworking

Another thing that you must do is avoid multitasking. It only drains our energy at a much faster pace. Pay your concentration on one thing at a time and perform well doing so. Don’t exhaust yourself. Make schedules and follow them one by one. This will also help you not make any mistakes or forget any detail. Finish one task at a time and stay healthy mentally as well as physically. Hence, this way you will be able to complete your work and enjoy yourself as well.

Positive Mindset

It is very important to have a positive mindset. The world has many hardships. If we focus on that, it will eventually trigger depression or anxiety. Negative thoughts will captivate your mind and slowly make it difficult for you to function properly in your daily life. Therefore, allow yourself to resort to positive thinking.

During bad times, remember that all this is going to end soon so make it a learning experience.  Similarly, in good times appreciate all the precious things you have in your life. Value yourself and the people around you.

Take a Break

Every person is immersed in their hectic routine. We are busy achieving our goals and meeting deadlines. Everyone seems to compete. Amidst all this hustle-bustle, we often forget to prioritize our sole happiness. We rarely stop and think about getting back to nature and noticing beautiful things around us.

Therefore, once in a while you should slow down. Stop and stare at the world. Walk barefoot on the grass. Reconnect with your family without any cell phones or Tv. Notice the small things and appreciate them. Give your mind and body time to heal before getting back into the competition.

Be Gracious

Lastly, always be gracious and satisfied with what you have and where you are in life at the moment. It is important to remember that you are much more fortunate than many others in the world. Many other people would want to be in the position that you are in.

Be grateful that you were able to get educated, have a home, eat meals every day and have shelter on your head. Therefore, try to let go of materialistic thoughts and just work humbly to gain your aims and goals.


So, remind yourself every day to work on yourself and learn to love and appreciate the things you have in your life. Start by making small efforts and eventually it will be fruitful for you. Good habits and thoughts will keep you mentally and physically healthy. Adopting mindfulness will help you regulate and healthily control your thoughts. Consequently, you will be able to lead a content life.

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