6 Traits of A Sagittarius Woman That Makes Her Amazing!

We all know Sagittarius folks for their fiery, adventurous nature but a Sagittarius woman is a horse of a different color (pun intended!).

They are unique as any other and stand out from most. 

Here are the top 6 character traits Sagittarius women tend to display in their personalities and their actions.

1. Her Love for Adventure and Travel Knows No Bounds

A Sagittarius woman is an adventurous being in all aspects of her life. Whether she loves to travel or just can’t stand being still for long, she will make sure her life is never boring. A bored Sagittarius woman is an unhappy woman and feisty to boot.

Keep her happy with excitement, and she will always return the favor.

2. Shy About Commitment in the Beginning

Just as the horse is in the pasture, a Sagittarius woman will be apprehensive and shy at first.

Once she has warmed up to you though: watch out. 

She’ll flip the script and show you her true nature, which includes a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Something everyone can look forward to with every Sagittarius woman they encounter.

3. A Great Sense of Humor You’re Bound to Love

Her sense of humor is off the charts, and she loves to make people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and Sagittarius women aim to please. No matter the situation, she will most likely resort to her comedic talent to lighten the mood or simply to spark things up to keep the mood optimal.

4. They Have a Tendency to Overindulge

No one comes without their flaws, and neither does she.

A woman who is a Sagittarius has the curse of overindulgence. Whether it is food, alcohol, or even shopping, they have to try their hardest to control their urge to indulge more and more.

For them, anything that is fun is an adventure of some sort, and we all know how much they crave any exciting venture.

5. Complete Bookworm and Proud of It

The curious nature of a Sagittarius woman doesn’t always mean she has to travel and participate in exciting events to be happy. Another side of her is prone to stick their nose in a book and live there for a little while.

She’s bound to have a bookcase filled with fascinating books from all categories including fantasy & adventure, true stories from around the world, and even auto/biographies of interesting people throughout history. They love to soak in the knowledge to vicariously live the adventure they crave via reading books.

6. Promises More Than She Can Deliver

Despite her best intentions, a Sagittarius woman can fall victim to her excitable nature by making promises she can’t keep. She most certainly wants to keep every single one of the promises she makes to others but often forgets to calculate how much has to be done to deliver said promises. It’s not entirely her fault but it is her true self nonetheless, but she is not prone to doing so on purpose.

Women are fickle, to begin with, but at least you can have a better understanding of these particular characteristics Sagittarius women have. They are a fire sign and can be pretty headstrong, but they have all the makings to be a great friend, strong partner, and a wonderful person to be around. If you are lucky enough to have a Sagittarius woman in your life, make sure to hang onto her, and you won’t regret it.

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About the Author: Stephanie Tanner is a stay at home mother dedicated to writing on every subject she can get my hands on. Learning, writing, and being a great parent is her main passions along with cooking, gaming and staying active. Her favorite quote sums it up, “The only evil is ignorance, the only good is Knowledge” – Nick Traina

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