6 Unbelievable Tips for A Healthy Mind!

tips for a healthy mind
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Cannot focus? Do you tend to forget many things? Need a reminder for simplest of tasks?

Trust me you are not alone! Mental health and memory are declining over time, and little do we realize that some simple small changes can do wonders for our brain to work at its optimum.

Tips for A Healthy Mind:

1) Exercise Your Brain

Using the brain and being mentally active is the best thing to go for brain health. Do puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, scrabble or anything that makes your brain tough. The more challenging the task, the more gray matter it produces and the sharper you become. Simply doing things like using your less dominant hand for brushing your hair or brushing your teeth has the same effect.

2) Sleep

When you are awake, your brain is accumulating the information from the surroundings but to absorb it and make it available at the right time; you have to sleep it off. While we sleep, our brain does a lot of background work that is necessary for arrangement and usage of information as well as for keeping the brain well-oiled and well organized to face the day. A quality sleep of 6-8 hours is essential for good brain health. A tip from the tips for a healthy mind.

3) Socialize

Being socially active is essential to keeping up your cognitive abilities and especially in the later age. When we interact with other people, we relax. We learn new things, feel calm, can share and be happy thus improving on our brain functions.

4) Consume Nuts

According to researchers at MIT and Tsinghua University China, magnesium is a mineral that encourages the development of new connections in brain cells. A handful of almonds and cashews can fulfill at the least quarter of your daily magnesium requirement. Rather than munching on chips or other junk food, make nuts your snack time companion.

5) Relax

Relaxing and bringing your mind to peace is vital for your brain to work at its optimum. Too much workload, tension, worries and the anxiety accompanied by the busy life can block out your brain up to the point that it cannot absorb new things. Breathe deeply, calm your nerves and do some relaxation activity like yoga or meditation to let the brain take some much-needed rest.

Mindfulness Evolve The Cycle of Living Healthy

6) Eat Brain Food

Overall nutritious diet is good for maintaining both physical and mental health. However, there are certain foods that are essentially supportive of brain health. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA are vital for maintaining good memory and improved focus. This is all about from the tips for a healthy mind.

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