These 6 Zodiac Signs Fall in Love So Hard it Hurts; Never Let Them Go!

When people open up to love, they make themselves vulnerable to other people. This might be quite scary and terrifying in the beginning, because there is always a change of getting hurt. When you open yourself to someone, you are being completely honest and real in front of them. And unfortunately when they betray or disappoint you, it affects you a lot.

There are some Zodiac signs, who are more willing to experience all the good and bad that comes with falling in love. Others are having a more difficult time opening themselves up and letting others in.

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These Zodiac signs, who are ready to risk it all for a great love, are the following ones:


They do everything in their power to make a relationship more passionate and deeper. They look for true love and want to connect with their partners completely – in all kinds of levels. Aries are willing to jump into the relationship with their head first and not to fear getting hurt or other negative consequences.


They love the feeling of butterflies in their stomach that one experiences during falling in love. Geminis are not as fearless as Aries, they will doubt a bit at first. Regardless of their fears, they are still ready to commit and to experience the truest kind of love. They are great partners, because they feel the need to please their loved ones in any ways.


They are very loyal and do anything possible to make a relationship work. They are willing to do compromises and agree with the partner in order to avoid conflicts. They need their partners to show affection and adoration and in return they are willing to give their everything to the relationship.


Although they are great lovers, who give all of their affection to the person they love, they also tend to give up easily when things go wrong. They are not great at forgiving people as well – once you hurt them, you are in a black list for life. Even when they do forgive, they never forget.

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They are very open and honest with their partner. They always show their true self and express how they actually feel. When they are in love, they put their whole body and mind into it. They value their loved ones greatly and do everything in their power to make the relationship work.


They value honesty more than everything. If a person is playing games, they do not want any part in that. They want a long-lasting and steady relationship, where they can be themselves and feel safe and loved.

In conclusion, loving someone deeply and with your whole heart has its positive effects but can also have negative ones. Nevertheless, the fear of things going bad cannot stand in a way of opening up to the idea of love. Falling in love means putting everything at risk, but at the same time it can be very rewarding.

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