7 Best Productivity Apps to Help you Become More Productive

With Smart Phones and tablets forming part of our daily lives it might be a better option to avoid the little games we enjoy so much and use our tech for more productive functions. The different app stores now offer us so many options with apps that allow us to do just about anything with our mobile devices. Life has never been easier and with all the functionality and features you can almost run an entire business in the palm of your hands. There are some fantastic applications available that can only increase your productivity and help you to work anywhere, anytime. Here is a compiled list of 7 must-have apps which help you to be more productive.

1. One of the top productivity apps is Microsoft Excel and Word

These wonderful and useful programs are now available as a downloadable app for all devices. It is fantastic to be able to do work from your portable device. Being able to edit spreadsheets and capture documents make this one of the best productivity apps. Everyone uses the Microsoft office programs for work functionality It has just become easier though with it available on your portable devices.

2. Outlook as one of the best apps for productivity

Your work email can now be received anywhere, anytime. This is probably on the most amazing apps to have installed on your mobile device as you no longer have to be at the office to access your outlook email. If an important email from a client comes through you can access it on your tablet at home or on holiday, whichever suits you best. It is convenient and easy.

3. Paper by Fifty Three as one of the top productivity apps

It’s a great tool that started as a sketch app but now offers great features that include checklists and other methods of staying productive. Taking notes at a meeting or conference is now incredibly easy with this little nifty app that makes it one of the best apps for productivity.  There is nothing better to increase productivity than to make effective and relevant checklists for your daily tasks.

4. Google Drive, simply an amazing app

Google Drive allows you to access your documents and everything you need from anywhere. You can store your important documents or unfinished work on the Google drive and access them from any device. This is one of the best apps for productivity because anyone can share items by using their Google drive.

5. Trello, another one of the top productivity apps

Trello is like a digital bulletin board that you can use to pin notes, to-do lists and other productivity-related items on. This makes the process of staying up to speed with your daily tasks easy and convenient. It is simple to use with lists that you create that in turn contain different cards that you file. Nothing can be easier. This is most definitely one of the top productivity apps.

6. Slack is truly one of the most amazing apps

Slack allows you to instantly message anyone for example clients and co- workers. It uses any messenger platform and the best part is that you can easily share files or have a group chat. This is great if a meeting needs to be held remotely and makes it unbelievable that conference meetings are now so easy to do. This is just one of the best productivity apps to have.

7. LastPass, a very important and one of the top productivity apps

This nifty app is a password vault. I find myself constantly at loggerheads with my passwords. I always have to reset my passwords for everything and can most of the time not even remember the password I need to reset my passwords. It all becomes a nightmare and can take quite a bit of valuable time out of my day. This app is secure and effective as you are able to store all your important passwords in a vault that can only be accessed by you. What makes this one of the top productivity apps? It fills your online forms in for you and remembers and saves your passwords where no one else can get them. What is better than that?


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