7 Cringing Signs You Are Transforming Into The Person You Are Meant to Be

Ever heard someone tell you how different you used to be? Well, yes that is true but over the period of time, we all move on and transform into our own real selves as we live life and grow. However, the transformation may not be as comforting as you may like it to be.

1. You Don’t Mind Being Alone

Sometimes you are just not on the same level with others. You feel that they do not understand you and you actually feel better by yourself. You also do not want to become anyone’s burden, so you handle all your life’s ups and downs by yourself. You manage things on your own and that makes you stronger.

2. You Know You Are Not Perfect

None of us is perfect and we all have our problems and faults. Some people like to ignore them and shut them down, but as you become more aware of yourself, you start to solve your problems. You also understand that you are not a superhuman, which means you cannot do everything and sometimes you may even fail. You stop getting angry at yourself over small things.

3. You Can Let Go of Unnecessary Relationships, Easily

It is like cleaning up your closet. You feel a lot better when you close the door on some people, who are toxic. This is the point where you realize that prioritizing yourself at times in life is not selfish, it is actually beneficial for your happiness and sanity.

4. You Don’t Trust As Easily As You Used To

The older you become the more you see different people and know that not everyone has good intentions. You hold the people you trust in a close circle, but you do not let anyone else in. It is quite hard to get to know you, but if the person has patience, it is worth their time.

5. You Often Find Your Life Boring

You are constantly questioning if you are doing the right thing and if your life is good enough. You are afraid you are going to waste your time on pointless things, so you try to only do the things you really love and spend time with important people.

6. You Know What Sadness Really Is

There are good days and then there are bad days and you completely accept this.

Everything does not always go as planned and sometimes you get your heart broken. But you have started to really understand the saying “you never lose, you either win or learn”. So you try to take every experience as a learning point.

7. You Value Time A Lot

You are a very busy person, who takes up more and more responsibilities. You might feel like there are not enough hours in a day to handle everything, but with time you learn to choose and prioritize the really important things and cancel all unnecessary responsibilities. You have a strong desire to succeed in life.

There are some uncomfortable things about becoming your true self, but it is still the most wonderful thing in the world to live the life you were supposed to live. You have to push yourself out of the comfort zone, but at the same time follow your heart and not do things because of what society and others are telling you.

Take time to figure things out and you will be fine.

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