7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier Life

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We always tell ourselves that from tomorrow we will eat healthy but sometimes we may never end up doing that at all. This is why we have gathered role models for all of you to follow! Here are some of the most acclaimed diet and nutrition experts that you must follow today!

Sally Kuzemchak

Real Mom Nutrition - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier Life
Photo: Real Mom Nutrition

Sally, as her blog describes her, is a real mom with a real budget. This allows Sally to put up really simple diets and nutrition filled recipes for her readers. Sally’s blog started in 2009 and continuing today, her blog, Real Mom Nutrition gives out the value you need in yours and your child’s life.

The philosophy at Real Mom Nutrition is beautiful as Sally not only shares her triumphs, recipes, knowledge and advice with parents but also wants all parents to feel comfortable and not feel judged when they come onto her blog.

Sally has had her Master’s degree in Dietetics and worked for Self Magazine prior to her completion along with being published in some of the largest self help and wellness magazines online. Sally also partnered with Cooking Light to launch a cookbook for busy families as a survival guide called, Dinnertime Survival Guide.

Sally shares amazing material on her social media pages and according to us, if you want to live healthy, you need to follow here on Real Mom Nutrition Facebook and Sally Kuzemchak Twitter.

Cristina Cavanaugh

Cristina Begin Within Nutrition - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier Life
Photo: Begin Within Nutrition

Cristina is a registered dietitian who has always been extremely passionate about healthy living and wellness. Her blog, Begin Within Nutrition has a huge collection of recipes that will help you forever in staying healthy. Cristina holds an undergrad degree in Human Nutrition which allowed her to practice her love for healthy food, professionally.

We love Cristina’s philosophy because she does not support dieting, in fact, she only believes in having a diet which is healthy to keep you fit. Alongside with doing her magic with nutrition, Cristina is also a Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

You will find some amazing healthy food videos on Cristina’s Facebook Page!

Holley Grainger

Holly Grainger - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier LifePhoto: Holley Grainger Nutrition

With a fun to read website, filled with knowledge and amazing advice is Holley Grainger. Holley is a nationally acclaimed nutrition and lifestyle expert and for those of you who have not yet visited her website, it is a must.

Holley is a registered dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. This led Holley to become a Food and Nutrition Editor at Cooking Light and My Recipes, allowing Holley to host over 650 videos. So chances are you already know Holley, if not, now you do!

There are many more achievements of Holley that cannot go unnoticed and the best way to find out is to read through her website and all the amazing knowledge she shares, just to keep you healthy!

Holley’s blog has some of the most amazing food recipes you will find regarding healthy eating and best of all, you cannot miss the motivation and advise she provides through her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Katie Morford

Mom's Kitchen Handbook - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier LifePhoto: Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh Food Kids in a French Fried World

Katie is a beautiful mother of three, living in San Francisco and pursuing her dream of helping all other mothers understand the need for healthy living for themselves and their children. Katie, as well, has masters degree in Nutrition and is a registered dietitian who has been behind a couple of cookbooks.

Her first book, Best Lunch Box Ever, and yes that is an amazing name, earned a nomination at IACP while the second book is yet to publish in 2016. Though, this is not all the writing that Katie does, she has also been featured in New York Times, Boston Globe and others like Chicago Tribune.

Katie’s website, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, pretty much has every tip and idea you need to live healthy and make sure your family does too! We love following her writings. Katie also has a lot happening on Facebook and Pinterest where you will find wonderful recipes and ideas for your life and they are simply beautiful to look at!

Dr. Caryn Zinn

Caryn Zinn - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier LifePhoto: Caryn Zinn Dietitian

From South Africa to New Zealand, Dr. Caryn is no short of credentials. With a Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics, Masters in Sports Nutrition and a Doctorate in the areas of Weight Loss, Caryn is noteworthy personality in the areas of healthy living.

With a beautiful smile, Caryn has inspired many people over the years and dealt with some of the biggest sporting individuals as her clients. Caryn tends to personalize her approach towards serving her clients as she believes that the demographics of individuals and differing lifestyles require everyone to have their own nutrition plan rendered accordingly.

A testimonial on her website, Caryn Zinn, states that “the best aspects about working with Caryn is that she really listens to and understands what it is you want to achieve. Caryn has several fans on her Facebook and Twitter pages and now it is time to add up to it, with you following her too.

Jenny Unternahrer

In The Kitchen with Jenny - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier LifePhoto: In The Kitchen with Jenny

Inspired by Chef Fieri, Jenny started off by simply sharing pictures of food on her personal Facebook profile. Soon, Jenny began to get requests for recipes and her interest grew into a profession. The idea of starting her own blog came from the movie, ‘Julie and Julia’, and soon Jenny was sharing her own and her family recipes step by step with those around her. This grew fast and with Jenny’s step by step method, it made it extremely easy for followers to implement all that knowledge.

Jenny is a country girl, living at a farm and is a stay at home mom. With a beautiful family, Jenny’s oldest daughter was only 4 and half months old when she suffered with meningitis, leaving her with special needs. Staying strong all the way, Jenny stayed home to catered to these needs. A woman of inspiration, Jenny has a huge fan following on her Facebook and Twitter pages. More so, her website, In The Kitchen with Jenny, will open doors to some of the most exhilarating recipes you really want to know!

Tina Haupert

Carrots n Cake - 7 Diet & Nutrition Experts That Will Give You A Healthier LifePhoto: Carrots ‘N’ Cake

A mom to an adorable little guy, a blogger and an author, Tina is yet another influence on people wanting to live healthy and happy! With her website called, Carrots ‘N’ Cake, Tina is set to empower the world with food, nutrition and fitness knowledge!

Tina published her book in 2011, called, ‘Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Healthy Living One Carrot and Cupcake at a Time. Tina opts for teaching her followers about how they can keep healthy without cutting down on food entirely! Later, Tina wrote her second book, The Part Time Vegetarian (PTV) Smoothies and Juices: Boost Your Immune System and Increase Your Energy With a Flexitarian Diet, and was released in July 2014.

On Carrots ‘N’ Cake, you will find some amazing recipes and fitness routines.

Tina’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles are a lot of fun to follow, specially when you get to see her little guy play around with their dog Murphy!

*We will be introducing many more dietitians and nutrition experts over time, if you have any suggestions, email us at!

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