7 Essential Things To Know Before Dating An Alpha Female

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

You may think that you know what you’re doing when it comes to dating, but NOT if the woman you’re dating is an Alpha Female. She’s not your typical girl. The Alpha Female is more likely to be known for being a handful and not for being sweet and nurturing.

Before you date an Alpha Female, you need to prepare yourself. Read the 7 key tips for dating one below – you could ignore them but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. She Doesn’t Need You

Unlike other women you may have dated in the past, the Alpha Female doesn’t need you. She’s self-sufficient, independent and self-reliant. If you need to be needed, or even just like to be needed, this female isn’t for you. Here’s the thing, she may not need you, but she sure as hell wants you – and surely that’s much more fun.

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2. She Doesn’t Need to Talk About It, It’s Done

Alpha Female’s don’t just talk about stuff, they get it done. In fact, they probably don’t talk about it at all. If you want to be with an Alpha, you need to be the same. Don’t just talk, she won’t believe you. Actions speak louder than words and you’d better follow through.

She won’t bother hanging around if you don’t and she always follows through.

3. She’s Difficult

She’s not going to be easy. She may not need you but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. She’s free and used to her own way. Alpha Females are incredibly competitive, with themselves and with others. Alpha’s are also complicated, difficult and generally impossible.

It won’t get boring though.

4. She’ll Challenge You

All the time. She won’t give up easily either. Alpha Females are persistent, insistent and tenacious. Be prepared to debate anything and everything. Don’t think she’ll let you win without cause either. Best way to win her over? Challenge her right back.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

5. She’s Not Passive-Aggressive

Some women may not say what they mean but an Alpha Female will always speak their mind. Sometimes she might come across as rude and blunt but it’s just the way she is. Alpha’s will tell you straight when they have a problem and they expect you to do the same. At least you’ll always know where you stand.

 6. She’s Not a Traditional Romantic

Flowers, chocolates and hearts worked in the past? Not this time. The Alpha Female doesn’t want any of that, it’s more likely to turn her off than turn her on! She’s not completely cynical but she needs something a bit different to get her going.

Work out what she really wants, if you’re not willing to put the effort in you might as well just leave now.

7. She’s Completely Worth It

Miss Alpha Female may be difficult and challenging but she’s a great woman to be around. Who doesn’t want to be with someone who knows what they want and knows how to get it? She can help make you stronger and she’ll definitely push you to be a better man.

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