7 Practices That Help You Fight Aging Naturally That No Doctor Will Tell You!

Practices That Help You Fight Aging Naturally That No Doctor Will Tell You!
Photo: SAM Nasim

Anti-aging is a widely discussed topic globally. People are anxious to find the fountain of youth that guarantees the best of physical and mental well-being. But in reality, there is no such product or isolated technique that can achieve this almost impossible goal. However, there is a lot that you can do when you are still young and thriving to build a strong foundation and keep your mind and body strong in the times coming. These are seven practices that help you fight aging naturally.

Since the body follows the instructions from the mind, working on the mind, body and spirit together reap the best results. Through there are many little lifestyle changes that collectively achieve the goal of delaying aging, let us list the most important top seven Practices That Help You Fight Aging Naturally That No Doctor Will Tell You!

1) Stimulate your brain

Brain like other parts of the body can go sluggish when not used. So it is a ‘use it or lose’ it phenomenon with the brain. The people, who do not fall into the trap of leaving everything to act their age, are more likely to have a sharp mind even in their old age. It has been found through research that challenging the brain with activities, with solving puzzles, acquiring knowledge, playing mental games like chess, etc. has positive effects on the gray matter of the brain.

2) Eat well

What we eat makes what we are, at least physically. Fast food, processed foods, cola, and alcohol; all these are resulting in weak bodies and weak immune systems. It is important to maintain a balanced diet with all food groups, i.e., fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, minerals, and fats nicely balanced. Avoid processed foods as phosphates in them trigger the aging process by inhibiting absorption of vitamin D and by weakening the bones. Also, increase your protein intake, it will stabilize your blood sugar levels, keep the stress levels in check and discourages weight gain and diseases associated with weight.

3) Exercise

Exercise helps to retain your stamina, keeps the body weight in check, muscle strength and bone density are increased. Even a 10-minute routine exercise is enough to keep your bones and muscles strong enough to endure the blows of ticking clock.

4) Sleep

A good sleep is crucial for the brain to regenerate itself. Lack of sleep is associated with high risks of heart attacks and strokes. Your mind also deteriorates if you do not sleep properly.

5) Check your hormones and glands

The endocrine glands play a vital role in the well-being. The degeneration of endocrine system is the first sign of aging. When endocrine system is out of balance, it affects the immune system and makes you an easy target for diseases. Imbalanced hormones also increase your stress levels, trigger sleep and eating disorders and also memory loss. One of the practices from the practices that help you fight aging naturally.

6) Spend time with friends and family

Loneliness is also considered as one of the causes of aging as well. While spending time with friends and family, you unwind your mind and release the stress that you carry in your usual life. Loneliness, on the other hand, promotes higher stress hormones which in turn increase the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressures and a higher risk of strokes.

7) Meditate

Meditation makes you close to nature and closer to your own self. Scientifically it has been proved that meditation can actually delay aging by affecting you physically as well as mentally. A study shows that a person’s physiological age is delayed with meditation. The group practicing meditation for five years was found 12 years younger on average than their non-meditating counterparts. Meditation alters the entire profile of endocrine, neurotransmitter and hormone secretions, easing you into a calm, healing, anti-aging state.

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