7 Reasons Farting Is Actually Healthy For You

It’s all a part of being human. Every now and then we must pass gas. It can be embarrassing in the wrong circumstances, but releasing all that gas is actually REALLY healthy.

In fact, our gas can tip us off to health problems that may be lurking within the digestive tract. A healthy digestive system and appropriate level of gut bacteria are crucial to feeling better and staying healthy.

According to Medical Daily, most people pass gas between five and ten times a day. Maybe a little embarrassing for some, a good deal of those toots happen when we are sleeping. The gas that we expel is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and the stinky stuff, hydrogen sulfide. Lots of food that are considered healthy are known to make us a bit gassier, like beans, vegetables, and dairy. In fact, to pass no gas at all, your entire diet would have to be made of sugar!  Now that’s not a healthy eating plan!

Here are seven reasons why passing gas is GOOD for you.

1. Fights Bloating

Bloating is normally caused by a build-up of gas. Guess what? Flatulence releases that build of up gas in your gut. To feel less bloated, just let one loose.

2. Sign of a Balanced Diet

Breaking wind can be a good signal of a healthy and balanced diet. The smell of the gas is usually a good indicator of what you’ve been eating. A diet heavy in carbs will produce odorless gas, while one hone heavy in red meat will be smelly.

3. Helps with Abdominal Pain

Holding it in can really hurt. If you go too long without passing gas, you can develop intestinal distension.  Tooting a bit will relive this pain. If you are having trouble passing gas, then gently massage your abdomen to encourage the gas to gently flow through your digestive system.

4. Hemorrhoid Health

If you hold in farts or try to force them to come out a certain way, you may harm your colon or aggravate hemorrhoids! People who have been diagnosed with colon issues are usually advised not to hold gas in. It really is OK to pass gas when you need to!

5. Your Body Knows It’s Good

You may have noticed that your gas doesn’t smell nearly as bad to you as it may to others. Or vice versa. The reason is our bodies actually know it’s a healthy process. The hydrogen sulfide produced in our intestines has been known to prevent damage to our cells.  That means, in a way, our production of smelly gas can help prevent strokes, heart disease, and arthritis.

6. Food Allergies

The type of gas your body produces can be an indicator of how your body is reacting to certain food. Take dairy for example, if you are lactose intolerant you may pass a lot of gas after consuming dairy. So much so that it will be a noticeable indicator that something is up.

7. A Healthy Gut

Gas is good for your gut, more specifically, your gut microbes.  These microbes are key to overall good health.  They play an active role in your immune system, regulate come chemicals in your brain, and can help maintain a healthy weight.  Your flatulence is the way these microbes get nutrients.  In other words, if you are passing gas regularly, your gut is in good shape.

Look, it can be a bit embarrassing, but it might be time just to let your body do what it needs to do! Pay attention to your body and your gas; if something seems a bit off, including smell and frequency, then it might be time for a change of diet. Remember, eat slowly, avoid carbonated drinks and fake sweeteners and it might be a good idea to get a bit more exercise if you think your toots are a little outside the norm.

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