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7 Reasons Why Women Actually Prefer The ‘COUGAR’ Lifestyle

We have been taught that the age gap should go younger women with older men and it seems whether that’s two, ten or twenty years that’s acceptable for most people. But, what about women dating younger men?

Women have always dated younger men, with the term “cougar” being used to describe someone with a much younger male partner in recent years, but what is it about guys in their 20s that is so attractive to women in their 30s and 40s?

1. It’s An Age Thing

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For the same reason as guys like younger women, when they’re significantly younger than the men you tend to date they usually have a lot more energy and excitement in life. We are all guilty of becoming a little jaded or cynical as we get older and are less inclined to try new things, but being with someone younger helps us to see the world with new eyes again.

2. You Feel Younger

Anyone pine for the days when it was OK to sit around in your pajamas watching YouTube videos and just eating takeout food? The easiest way to revisit your early twenties is to date someone younger. It reminds you of how you used to be and can help you forget about the responsibilities you have accumulated in your later life.

3. You’re Better In Bed

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There’s no denying it; we get better in bed so having sex with a guy in his 20s is much better when you have experience on your side. You’re more confident about your body in your 30s and have usually had enough sex that nothing phases you in the bedroom. It will also be an ego boost when they are complimentary about your skills.

4. There’s No Agenda

When you date someone your own age, it can be a minefield of issues. Do they want children? Do they want to get married? Why did their last relationship end? Things can get too serious, and you forget about how to enjoy someone. With a younger guy, these questions don’t seem to apply, and you can have fun with them, without that worry of whether it’s going somewhere.

5. They’re Easier To Read

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Being 23 makes you way more chilled out about dating, so you know exactly where you stand. You’ve also been through dating at this age before, so even if they aren’t completely upfront, you are more than skilled enough to work out what’s going on. They might have blindsided you at 20, but you know the signs now and can handle whatever they have come for you.

6. You Want What You Can’t Have

When you were a 20-something you never really appreciated the advantages of dating a younger guy because you were always distracted by those older ones. Ironically, now you’re the age of the guys you were chasing, you miss the carefree 20-something guys you used to ignore. There’s always something alluring about craving what you can’t have.

7. There’s No Pressure

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A younger guy can be like a dating holiday. In most cases, there’s no pressure on how serious this is and both of you can feel like it’s just a no-strings, exciting romance to enjoy.

Now, You’re In Love.

Of course, if you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t worry about whether the age gap is five, ten or thirty years. As long as you are both happy, committed and in love, then you shouldn’t worry about dating younger or older guys. Just do what makes you both happy.

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