7 Rules for a One Night Stand No One Will Tell You!

7 Rules for a One Night Stand No One Will Tell You!

When it comes to one night stands, the general expectation is that they are primal fun and short-lived.  But just because they are not meant to be long-lasting does not mean that one should behave like an animal.  Even the raunchiest of hookups should be treated with a little courtesy and good manners.  Here are seven rules to follow when it comes to a one-night stand.

Did you drink too much?

7 Rules for a One Night Stand No One Will Tell You!

If you find yourself in a situation where you have had too much to drink be honest with the other person.  Not only would you be embarrassed to wake up after passing out at their house, you have also put them in an awkward position.  If you know that you have hit sloppy drunk, do yourself (and them) a favor and catch an Uber home.  They do not want to see you vomit and you do not want to pass out at a stranger’s house.

Know their name

This may seem basic, but get their name and remember it.  Not only could this make the sex a little more enjoyable (use your imagination here), but it would be very awkward to not know the name of the person with which you just bumped uglies.  Get their name and remember it.

Keep your feelings to yourself

Now obviously if something is happening that you are not happy with, tell the other person immediately.  But I can guarantee you that they do not care that you just broke up with your ex or someone just passed away.  That person is looking for a fun and casual night with no strings attached.  The minute you start word-vomiting your feelings to them is the minute you have ruined the night for both of you.

Offer them a drink

This is just common courtesy when you have any form of company, but offer your new friend a glass of water or something to drink.  Chances are they need a drink after all of the “activity” the two of you just engaged in.  As our friends at MTV said, “It’s a hookup, not a dehydration challenge.” Give them a glass of water and offer them a chance to catch their breath.  This could go a long way.

Don’t lie

If there is anything that could put your partner’s health at risk, you must tell them.  Not only is it common decency, it is the law.  While using protection is always the best option to prevent any issues, your partner should be aware of anything they might not be thrilled to learn later.  This gives them the opportunity to decide if the one-night stand is worth the risk to their health.  In some cases, they may not mind.  But be prepared to be rejected if they are not a willing participant.  It is better for both of you anyway.

Your breath stank

No matter where you ended up for the night, take care of your breath.  Don’t have a toothbrush on hand? Ask if they have a toothbrush or to use some mouthwash.  The last thing your partner wants to smell is your rank breath when they wake up.  Take care of your mouth and have the decency to not suffocate them with your morning breath.

Breakfast? I think so

This one falls under the more awkward of the categories, but it really is polite to offer your one-night stand breakfast of some sort.  If does not have to be an elaborate four course meal and your partner would likely pass on the offer but they would appreciate it nonetheless.  Who knows, you could actually learn something about them beyond how good they are in the bedroom.

If you have engaged in a night of passion with a stranger lately, or find yourself in a situation where you might partake in the festivities, keep these seven things in mind.  Not only is it polite, it could help make things less awkward for you and for them.  Just remember, they were looking to have fun just like you were and are likely wanting to move on as quickly as everything started.  And who knows, you may find yourself wanting another one-night stand with this person down the line.

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