7 Signs That Show You Are Shifting To The 5th Dimension

How do you know if your in the 5th Dimension?

Let’s start with the easy part – first of all, dimensions are not particular places you can go or locations you can look up. They are rather levels of consciousness or state of mind that vibrate at a specific rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we are able to experience and same way, you experience shifting to the 5th dimension.

But how is it possible to actually shift to the 5th dimension from 3D consciousness? Well, this shift is a system update. It is like updating your phone from IOS 5.2 to IOS 12.3. It is a huge change, that requires a lot of energy and power.

But the shifting cannot just jump to the 5th dimension from 3D consciousness – you need to go through the 4th dimension between them as well. The between-level works as a cleaning filter to help to get your entire system ready.

What’s so special about the 5th dimension? It is hard to put in words, what the 5th dimension body changes feel like. It is lighter and easier for the soul to handle. 5th dimension has more real love, cosmic energy, and actual multi-dimensional reality.

shifting to the 5th dimension

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This dimension is also called the “enlightened reality, “ and it is thought that over the next 2000 years all of the humans are transferring to this dimension.

Everyone is shifting, but it takes a different amount of time for each of us. Our personalities and our openness to make the change are different – some people have an easier and faster time changing the dimension, but other’s take more time.

Seven different signs show that you are shifting to the 5th dimension:

1. More Joy, Lightness, and Love In Your Everyday Life

With moving from the 3D consciousness forward your mind and body will do a purifying restart. Day by day you will start to feel lighter, happier and more carefree. Your mind and body are in balance and working together in harmony.

It is like after a spring cleaning when everything is flawless. During the shift, you will also feel a clear, productive mind and lots of creative ideas coming.

It may be quite hard to notice the 5th dimension shifting while you are busy with your everyday life, but you should feel more at ease, more calm and happier. One sign is also having a lot of gratitude for each moment.

2. Letting Go of Negative Emotions Easily

Even if you are one of the persons, who can forgive but never forgets, this feels different. Going through the 4th dimension helps you to get rid of your negativity and bad emotions. This means letting go of hatred, anger, powerless feelings and insecurity.

You will learn to love yourself as you are and nurture your soul and body the right way. Usually, the cleanse will take a lot less time than years or months of therapy would. You will feel different with seconds, minutes or days. You will wake up and be a completely different, happier person.

3. Using All of Your Senses

You will become a total optimist, the one who always sees the glass half full. This can be quite contagious to your close ones as well – they might start to see the good in situations and people as well.

Using all of your senses means seeing the green in the parks in a different way, appreciating the bird songs in the morning and noticing little things go right every day. This will feel strange, but oh so wonderful.

5th dimension body changes

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

4. The Perception of Time Changes

You lose the understanding of time. You can daydream for hours, and it can feel like minutes or the other way around. Time will start to feel more like a fluid. You will slowly understand that you are more than just a physical body, you are an eternal soul, that lives forever.

So small everyday details start to seem pointless and unimportant to you. You will not bother yourself with problems, and you will just go with the flow.

5. Everyday Synchronicities and Manifestations

The Universe will send you cosmic signs and guide you through the process. The only thing you must do is to notice these signs, understand and follow them.

You will feel energetic, powerful and that nothing is impossible. As the dimensions get thinner your eyes will be more opened, and you will see more of the cosmic energy.

You will start to feel part of the Universe and more connected to everything around you.

6. You Feel Guided

At first, you might think that it is just your imagination or dreams, but it is not. It is something bigger and greater, and you cannot control it. This guidance can come from cosmic energy, angels, spirits or other unnatural creatures.

Do not be afraid of them and open yourself up, because they are only here to help you and to make your transfer easier. The positive energies will get you higher and make you stronger so the negative energies and demons cannot take control of you.

You just have to let go of your fears and trust the guidance with your whole body and mind.

girl dancing in the park

Image Courtesy: MaxPixel

7. Time and Space Are Becoming Illusions

Energy and consciousness are becoming much more important than time and space. You will learn how to differentiate your physical self from the spiritual one, and the feeling is empowering and amazing.

This will give you the ability to be at more than one place at a time. Even things like time travel and changing dimensions are possible. You need to of course practice this to get good at it. But the feeling is out of this world!

This shifting gives real meaning to life. You will find true peace and happiness, but first, you need to get to know yourself, your true honest self. What also helps is practicing meditation.

Then you need to trust the Universe and follow all the signs it gives you. Be wild and jump into the unknown, because it is something Indescribable. It is an incredible journey that all the souls go through once in their lifetime; it might just take more time for some than others.

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