7 Signs You Maybe Putting All Your ‘Love Energy’ Towards The Wrong Person

Photo: Aaron Guy Leroux

Do you not feel the same in your relationship as you did before? Are the first few days of your relationship rare to feel? Here are some signs you’re in love with the wrong person.

1) You Have to Pretend

The first sign of being in love with the wrong person is you wearing a mask to face them. Having to pretend, act and not be yourself is tiring and can end up devastating a lot more. If they love you, they should accept what you are and how you are. They should have the will to support you for being yourself. If you are always looking for opportunities to impress them and changing yourself for them and are losing yourself, then it is time to reassess your relationship.

2) Your Friends and Family Have Not Met Them Yet

If they are not good enough for your friends and family or if your family and friends are not good enough for him then you can never be satisfied with them. Your loved ones are part of your life, they have contributed to your development, nurtured you and have given you self-assurance. Someone not compatible with them cannot be compatible with you unless you change yourself inside out. Losing yourself is worth it? We don’t think so. It’s one of the points from signs you’re in love with the wrong toxic person.

3) Avoiding Tricky Conversations

If every complex issue is being avoided and there is a backlog of issues to be clarified or to settle, they are not the ones for you. After the simple and lovely conversation on initial dates, when life hits, there is a lot to be discussed and sorted out. Be it financial topics, your work or whose place to live in. If you cannot be open with them after spending considerable time, well you think it will continue?

4) They Exhaust You

If you are drained out after spending time with them and do not feel energized after meeting them on routine, something is not right. Your emotional well-being has effects on your entire life. Your productivity, happiness, your physical health, and your relationships all can be affected by your emotional distress. If they cannot lift your spirits then are you ready to be dragged down all your life? Are you?

More so, sometimes they may use phrases sociopaths and narcissists use to undermine your confidence which in turn further exhaust you since you find it hard to cope up with negative energy.

5) You Are Losing Your Self Esteem

Do you ever feel that when you are with them, you sense a damage to your self-esteem? Always striving to make quick fixes, watch what you talk, prepare a lot about what to talk, how to look and try to fix small petty details before meeting them, it’s a lot of effort, and with less energy and passion it’s even self-destructive.

6) They Don’t Respect You

They don’t respect your time, for your family, for your work or your feelings then why waste time purposely? Your dreams and your ambitions are also something you cherish so your partner should do the same and should support you to make them into reality.

7) You Cannot Trust Them

You have caught their lies more than once, they cannot keep their promises, they are late often, and you cannot believe what they say?  Well if not now, you won’t be able to ever. It’s another point from signs you re in love with the wrong person.

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