7 Ways To Prevent Cold And Flu That Doctors WON’T Tell You!

way from ways to prevent cold and flu.
Photo: Eneas De Troya

You have got to act fast because flu virus and germs spread faster. Within hours, all the surfaces coming in contact with a sick person are infected, and the number of victims starts multiplying. To prevent cold and flu..
Here are seven quick and tested tips to prevent cold and flu for this winter season that doctors won’t give you.

1) Wash Your Hands, 5 Times A Day!

Washing hands is the single most important step in preventing the cold and flu and many other contagious diseases. Not only washing your hands is important, but it is also rather more crucial to wash them right. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, use soap and scrub between your fingers, back of your hands and nails. One of the way from ways to prevent cold and flu.

2) Keep All Surfaces in Contact Clean 

You will pick the largest number of germs from the surfaces you touch. Door knobs, light switches, table counters, computer keyboards, your cell phones, your bag, your wallet and anything you consistently come in contact with are the biggest sources of germs and viruses. You might want to clean it up a little at times. Another way from ways to prevent cold and flu.

3) Use Paper Towels

Not economical? Well, the doctor’s visit is more expensive. Cloth towels can absorb germs in them for hours. Use paper towels in your kitchen and bathroom to avoid spreading germs if someone is sick in your family.

4) De-stress

Stress makes you a quick candidate for any disease. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol, which lowers your immunity response. De-stress before your body starts getting its reactions, and you are caught up in a series of symptoms.

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5) Sip Tea

Tea with honey and ginger is great for colds and sore throat. Try fresh and the least processed tea to bring the most benefits out of it. It is relaxing as well as therapeutic.

6) Zinc

Zinc boosts up your immunity. Use Zinc syrup or take tablets to prevent as well as to relieve symptoms and get better fast.

7) Sleep It Off

A good sleep gives your body the most needed reboot on energy levels, de-stress you and you are ready to face the season. Your immunity system repairs itself while you sleep.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Eneas De Troya

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