7 Women Share The Steamiest Texts They Sent Their Partners and Damn, They’re Hot!

Okay, let’s admit it, sexting does make things spicier.

Anyone in a relationship or anyone not in one has experience that moment when they received a steamy hot text from a significant other that tighten your thigh muscles.

There are two things you want to do: One is to set up a meeting with them while the other is to please yourself.

Now, what is it about sexting that, if done right, makes you crazy?

Have you ever wanted to buy something really bad but you couldn’t afford it or it is not available yet? And now you want it more? Well, the psychological reasons are the same here too.

You want it because you can’t have it.

During Peace Quarters’ efforts of putting this piece together, we had several women reveal the steamiest sexts they have sent their partners and “holy cow! they really are hot.”

Disclaimer: Some of the names have been changed to ensure anonymity as requested by the participants.

I was dating a guy for a few weeks and we had already gone through the amazing experience of exchanging sexts. This one time when he told me, ‘I wish you were right here with me.’ So, to that, I responded saying, ‘I know what you mean, I actually wish for something similar. To be right there ‘on’ you’. – Melanie, 28

My man kept sending me intimate messages while I was shopping and coincidently, I was in a lingerie shop. I took a picture of the lingerie that I was buying that day and sent it to him saying, ‘I just bought it for you to tear it apart.’ – Rebecca, 34

I sent a naked picture to my boyfriend with the following line, ‘Sorry, didn’t have time to put my clothes on – had to text a really sexy man’ – Marissa, 23

My boyfriend sent me a picture in his boxers and all I told him in return was, ‘I love the new boxers but they would look wonderful on my bedroom floor.’ – Holly, 41

Me and my husband are always into trying new things out and sexting is definitely one of those things. When he is at work, I would send him naked pictures and tell him, ‘Baby, food is ready and if you want dessert, there is a treat available between my legs’ – Samantha, 38

The first time I had a child with my husband, I sent him a picture of my boobs and said, ‘Lets get them to produce milk, I am ready’ – Caroline, 31

The dirtiest sext I ever sent was, ‘I want to blow you so hard that you might want to wish if you could keep cumming every five mins – oh, and don’t worry about it dropping on the floor, trust me, it won’t get that far’ – Deborah, 34

Well, ladies, now you know how the other women are doing it. Nothing is better than the long-awaited sex, now is there?


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