8 ‘Bad Girl’ Traits Every Guy Secretly Wants In His Girl!

There’s nothing sexier than a “bad girl,” and while guys might complain about them, it’s usually these women that they can’t get out of their heads.

Unpredictable, mischievous and always fun, guys might not admit it, but bad girls can be too seductive to resist. Every girl should unleash her inner bad girl once in a while, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

Here are eight traits that you should maybe embrace next time you meet a special someone:

1. Unpredictable

Guys secretly love it when you do something unexpected – especially in the bedroom. No-one wants to get stuck in a rut and surprising your guy every now and again will help keep the spark alive.

2. Dominating

Guys don’t always want to be in control and a woman taking charge can be a real turn on. Don’t be scared to dominate him and tell you exactly what you want him to do in bed; there’s nothing hotter.

Image Courtesy: Twitter (@celestiadream)

3. Sexy Touches

Whether it’s a pair of high heels, sexy lingerie or just a slick of red lipstick, adding a sexy finishing touch before you get busy can be irresistible.  They will fancy you whatever you’re wearing, or not, but a little effort can turn you into a seductive temptress for the night.

4. Getting Your Flirt On

Flirting isn’t just for new couples, show him you’re just as sexy and playful now as you were when you first met by flirting with him outrageously. Not only does the hot teasing ensure your romance never gets boring, but it’s also great foreplay.

5. Confidence

There’s no denying it, confidence is sexy, and those who aren’t scared to be themselves can be incredibly enticing. In and out the bedroom trust is more appealing than you may have realized.

6. Open to New Things

Romance fizzles when routine gets in the way, so don’t let it by keeping things exciting. Be as open to trying new things as you can, whether it’s in the bedroom or date night. Learn to say “yes” to everything, and you might be surprised by how much fun you have.

Image Courtesy: Oxygen (www.oxygen.com)

7. Unleashing Your Wild Side

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little kinky and as long as he’s open to it, getting naughty in the bedroom can be hugely sexy. Guys love it when you share your kinky side, so why not embrace it?

8. Independence

Guys naturally want to take care of their lover, but being fiercely independent can drive them wild. Knowing you don’t need them means they have to work hard to capture your interest and there’s nothing sexier than a girl who speaks her mind.

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