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8 Christmas Gifts That Will Make Your Child More Intelligent and Responsible

Christmas gifts for kids


There seem to be a lot of parents lately who are looking for alternatives to toys this Christmas. Maybe you just feel that you are already tripping on too many dolls and Legos or maybe you want to focus on some unique Christmas gifts for kids that are a little less materialistic.

Whatever the reason, here are the top 8 gifts to give your child this Christmas that are not Toys:

1. A Microscope

One of my favorite gifts as a child was a microscope. Kids are thrilled to examine anything from water to swabs from a door handle (yuck). This educational tool will also prepare them for their labs to come.

2. Season’s Passes

Does your child love the zoo or amusement parks? Season’s passes are a great gift that will be put to more use than another Thomas the Train. Your child will love the fact that you are setting aside family time for the future, and they will look forward to these special outings.

3. A Tree and Shovel

Do you and your child love nature? Do you want an activity that the family can do together that will have an everlasting impact on our environment? Then buy a small tree and a kid’s shovel and get planting. This gift not only sways away from the typical toys, it also will teach your child how to nurture and care for his environment. Plus, after planting the tree, your child will enjoy endless digging with his shovel.

4. A Fishing Pole

A fishing pole is another great gift for your child this holiday season. This gift not only encourages an outdoor hobby, but it also promotes quality time with your child. You can go on fishing trips as a family and even catch dinner together!

5. A Wheelbarrow

My husband tends to escape to the yard a lot and sometimes I let my son out with him. The two do yard work together while I finally have a chance to do the dishes. A wheelbarrow is a great gift that will get your little one outside working with dad. She will be entertained for hours, which provides you with the time to catch up with laundry, read a Daniel Steel novel or take a long-awaited nap. Believe it or not, a wheelbarrow will be your favorite gift for your child this Christmas.

6. Classes

Another great alternative gift for toys this Christmas are classes. There are so many educational classes that are available for young children these days. Maybe your child likes to cook, play a sport, or learn about music. A child’s class is a unique gift that will get you and your child out of the house to learn something new.

7. A Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardens are another wonderful non-toy gift for your child this Christmas. Your child can examine a caterpillar grow into a beautiful butterfly and then set it free. You can even add some extra pizzazz by buying the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar for more learning fun. This can be the most beautiful and exciting Christmas gift for your child.

8. Donate to a Charity

This last gift could well be the most beneficial for your child. Teach your child about the value of giving by providing them with a budget and letting them pick a charity they care about. You can even use sites like Charity Navigator to explore different charities with your child. This gift will leave both you and your child feeling grateful for what you have without the excess plastic.

So if you are sick of the clutter and the material hype, or if you just want a change, consider some Christmas gifts for kids to give your child that are not toys this Christmas.

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