8 Crystal Clear Differences Between Real and Toxic Friends

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference if someone is sincere or fake with you. You might get hurt badly if you trust the wrong person. They might even ruin your life. So it is essential to know the difference between real and toxic people.

Here are 8 ways to tell the difference between a real friend and a fake toxic “friend”:

1. Real Friends Are Empathic

Your real friends are happy when you are and sad when you are feeling down. They live through the same emotions as you and always want the best for you. Toxic friends, on the other hand, like to see you failing or getting hurt. It makes them feel better about themselves. They gain confidence and self-esteem by putting others down and enjoying their failures.

2. Real Friends Respect You

Whatever the occasion or argument, your real friends will stay reasonable and will never start to call you names. They will respect you and themselves enough to know that whatever the disagreement, you can work it through. Real friends do not have to agree with each other all the time, but they need to trust each other enough to know that the other will make the right decisions. Fake friends can lose their temper on you quickly. They will start abusing you with words or even physically. Fake friends do not care about you, so they do not feel sad when you get hurt.

3. Real Friends Enjoy The Time of Discussion

Arguing is not bad, it can be kind of interesting when it is done correctly. Discussing different subjects that you might not agree on is interesting, and it gives you a new perspective. Real friends can argue without starting any fights, but fake friends take everything very personally. Also, the toxic friends cannot stand you winning, so they do everything they can to feel like a winner and make you the loser.

4. Real Friends Call You Because They Miss You

Your real friends will stay in touch with you, and they care how you are doing. They will write you or call you often. Fake friends, on the other hand, will only get in touch when they need something from you. They will act very nicely, but remember there is always a hidden agenda. And when you cannot or won’t help your toxic friends, they get very mad at you.

5. Real Friends Accept You As You Are

Your real friends will only care about your happiness. They don’t care what style clothes you wear of if you laugh too loudly. They will accept and love you just the way you are. Toxic friends are the complete opposite. They will never accept you and always make you feel sorry about your specialties. They might say that they are embarrassed about you and you should be more normal. Never listen to these people and find new friends as soon as possible.

6. Real Friends Respect Your Privacy

Real friends understand, if you do not always have time for them or if you do not want to share something. They know that you will open up when the time is right, so they are willing to wait patiently. Toxic friends do not accept that you have your own life and commitments. They are very selfish and try to take up a lot of your time.

7. Real Friends Celebrate Your Success

Your real friends share your joy and happiness. They want to celebrate your special moments with you. They might even throw you a surprise party or take you out despite having to wake up early the next day. The toxic friends are more jealous than happy. When something good happens to you, they try to make it about themselves or just make it less valuable as it is. They cannot stand if you are more successful than them.

8. Real Friends Won’t Judge

Your real friends are empathic towards you and try to understand your every move. They will never judge you for acting the way you do or for the people you hang out with. The toxic people will hate everything. They will criticize your job, the way you look and the people you hang out with. They think that they are the only ones, who should have your time and they do not like sharing.

Toxic people are very sneaky. You might not even notice them in your life because they are not utterly bad. If you start to analyze their behavior, you will realize, that they do not have your back and they are not your real friends. Do not give these people a second chance, because they will not change. Their words are bigger than their actions. Try to stay away from this kind of people and focus on the real friends in your life.

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