8 Everyday Use Things That Dangerously Pollute Air Inside Your Home

Thanks to the industrial world we live in today there are plenty of pollutants poisoning everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the land we walk on.

You would think that you are entirely safe at home since it is doubtful that you have a factory operating in your living room, but you would be wrong.

Here are eight everyday things within your home that cause air pollution.

1. Candles

The warm, relaxing glow of a candle is a beautiful thing and has been used for centuries. However, no matter what kind of candle it is, whether paraffin, beeswax, or other material, they will ALWAYS expose your home and the air to pollutants.

The burning of the candle and its wick will expose you to soot, which then takes to the air and has been known to cause breathing problems.

The most commonly purchased candles are made of paraffin and are very well known for producing toluene and benzene, both of which are potent carcinogens.

2. Air Fresheners

While those aromatic air fresheners are pleasing to the senses, they are quite dangerous. Most of the air fresheners we spray in our homes are made with ethylene-based glycol ethers, which are known to affect both our blood and brain functions negatively.

Many experts advise you to use an essential oil diffuser instead.

3. Cleaning Products

You may love your clean counters and stain-free carpet, but your lungs do not. The majority of typical household cleaners contain ammonia, aerosol, and several other dangerous ingredients.

These cleaners are known to release a ton of toxins into the air, and continuous exposure can cause long-term adverse health effects. Only when used in a well-ventilated area can you ever hope to lessen the number of pollutants that become accumulated in the home.

4. Carpet

The chemicals used to dye and treat carpet include a vast variety of cancer-causing toxins. These substances are soaked into the carpet and eventually become airborne, which will find its way into your lungs.

They have a variety of adverse health effects including headaches, breathing issues, and even allergic reactions.

5. Your Kitchen Stove

The stove in your kitchen can also cause air pollution. Gas kitchen stoves are known to be the worst to have due to the number of nitrates the heating elements put off into the air when in use.

Children are especially susceptible to these pollutants but keeping your kitchen well-ventilated will help to deter such issues.

6. Paint

Yes, we all know paint fumes are undoubtedly dangerous but what about the actual paint on the walls? Older homes are known to be covered in lead-based paints that are known for their adverse neurological effects.

Sure the paint is solid but, over the years, the paint begins to chip and fall to the floor where it gets crushed into tiny, little pieces that eventually become small enough to become airborne.

This is where the lead-based paint begins to pollute the air and attack our lungs.

7. Furniture

The majority of furniture purchased today is treated with an array of dangerous chemicals. Most of these substances used are to help prevent stains and to protect against fire.

Ironically, these very chemicals cause even more damage to one’s health when the furniture is on fire due to the creation of deadly gases and soot. Flame retardant furniture isn’t as great as it sounds.

8. Smoke from Tobacco Products

The pollution one suffers from tobacco products, especially cigarettes, is pretty obvious. While some chemicals already on this list are known to be comparable to secondhand smoke, tobacco smoke itself is beyond awful for the body despite the many smokers in the world.

Take care to be mindful of what you bring into your home and how you use it. Many items can pose a potential threat but, most of the time, there are ways to decrease the risk of pollution to continue using those same things.

Keep yourself informed and always read warning labels; they are there for a reason.

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About the Author: Stephanie Tanner is a stay at home mother dedicated to writing on every subject she can get her hands on. Learning, writing, and being a great parent is her main passions along with cooking, gaming and staying active. Her favorite quote sums it up, “The only evil is ignorance, the only good is Knowledge” – Nick Traina

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