8 Reasons Left-Handed People Are Exceptional, Science Explains

left handed people

Being left-handed has its ups and downs. We all know how difficult it can be if a right-handed and left-handed person sat next to each other, with every action getting in the other’s way. Left-handed people require their scissors, and many other utensils are meant for right-handed people.

But being left-handed has perks too; people who are left-handed are often found to be better at sports and can solve mental problems quicker and with more ease. Here are some other fun facts about being left-handed:

1. There’s no clear explanation for why left-handed people exist

It is unknown why some people are born left-handed. Some scientists believe that when there is more testosterone present in the womb, the baby will be more likely to be left-handed. Twins have been found to be more likely to be left-handed, but is this just because there are two chances available to become left-handed? No one knows.

2. It can be predicted if someone is going to be left-handed before birth

In ultrasounds, doctors often see children sucking their thumbs. 90% of children gravitate towards their right hand. The remaining children who don’t are born left-handed!

3. The number of lefties in the world is unknown

From some surveys, we know that somewhere between 5% and 26% of the population are left-handed. However, it varied massively depending on the places studied.

4. Left-handed people often excel at sports

When it comes to being left-handed, one of the leading perks is being better at sports. Studies have shown that because lefties perform actions differently, it’s harder for opponents in the sport to gauge what they’ll do next. A massive 40% of tennis players in the top bracket are left-handed. This is significant considering it’s not as familiar as being right-handed.

5. Some of the smartest and most influential people ever are left-handed

Unconvinced? Among these left-handed legends are Barack Obama, Judy Garland, Jim Carrey, David Bowie and Buzz Aldrin. It’s probably not a bad bunch, and there’s plenty more where they came from!

6. Lefties have survived against the odds

While lefties now are given support, it wasn’t always that way. It used to be considered wrong to be left-handed, and children who were would be taught to do everything with their right hand. It also seems to be indicative as a survival feature. Studies found that while 27% of people in war zones were left-handed, only 3% were lefties in a region of peace.

7. People who are left-handed can solve problems with more ease

Scientific studies have indicated that a person who is left-handed is more able to think of multiple solutions to a problem and tackle it with more ease. This often leads lefties to be more inclined towards jobs in the fields of technology and art.

8. Most lefties are spring chickens!

According to recent studies, most left-handed people are born in the months from March to July. Though there’s no apparent reason for this that anyone can figure out, it’s a pretty cool fact!

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