9 Behaviors of Men That Prove They Are Toxic For You

Girls, be aware of a toxic relationship because they might not be so easily recognizable. Everyone deserves a relationship, that lifts them up, gives them security and happiness. Don’t ever think that maybe you are just meant to suffer for the rest of your life next to a toxic person.

Some tend to think that being in an imperfect relationship is better than being alone. That is not true because you can never be pleased in a relationship that just does not work. And by being in one, you miss out so many opportunities of finding the right one.

This does not mean that you should break up just because you had one fight. Of course, all the relationships have ups and downs, but you must focus on the big picture. Are you happy most of the time? Do you fight a lot? Does he treat you like you deserve to be treated?

Many girls start to justify their partner’s bad behavior and think they somehow deserve it. They are too afraid to be alone or to make significant changes in their life. But no one should stay in a toxic relationship because it will destroy you in the end.

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Here are 9nine signs that show your partner’s toxic behavior:

1. He Flirts With Others

This just indicates that he does not respect you or take you seriously. You should find a mature man, who appreciates you and has eyes only for you. A healthy relationship is based on trust and if you cannot trust him, is he worth being with?

2. He Calls You Names

He tries to make you insecure by calling you crazy or psycho. He might say that you are a fool or just too stupid to understand. Of course, we all have our bad moments where we don’t make sense, but he should not bring you down like this. Never.

3. He Doesn’t Know How to Drink

He acts like a teenager, who does not know his limits. He goes out every night and comes home early in the morning wasted. When you try talking to him, he just shuts you down. Do not be with a young guy like that.

4. He Always Makes You Cry

Be with a guy, that bring you more happiness than tears. If he consistently makes you sad and unhappy, then he is not worth being with. Of course, there will be some disagreements and misunderstandings, but it should not be like this most of the time.

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5. He Acts Jealously

He is childish and accuses you of cheating all the time. He is very needy and wants you only to your self (but that does not stop him from flirting with other girls himself). He forbids you to go out with your friends or co-workers. This shows that he does not trust you at all and you must think what the reason behind this is? Maybe he is not honest himself…

6. He Tells You How To Dress

This shows that he is trying to control you. He wants to tell you what to do, what to wear and who to talk to. But remember, you have your own opinions, taste, and decisions. Do not let him dictate what you should look like. If you feel like dying your hair pink or wearing your PJs to the grocery store, do it.

7. He Forces You Into Sex When You Are Not In The Mood

Always listen to yourself and your body. If you are tired or stressed or just do not want to have sex, then be strict about it. Do not let him force himself on you. You are not a sex object nor are you there just to please him. Forcing himself on you only shows disrespect and abusive behavior.

8. He Abuses You Emotionally

Every time he is feeling sick or angry, he lives it off on you. You are the one, who gets yelled at with all the unnecessary insults. Even if you try to comfort him and make him feel better, he uses you as an emotional punching bag. This should not be like this. He should treat you with love and care and not drag you into his negative emotions.

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9. He Lies and You Know It! (Yes, White Lies Too)

Honesty is the best policy, and all relationships are based on that. You cannot forgive him all the time and think he will change. If he lies you always (about the little and the big things), then he is just too childish and disrespectful towards you. A relationship with a dishonest person does not have a future.

Girls, think thoroughly about your partner and the relationship you are in. If these 9 points were too familiar to you, then walk away. Do not fall for his excuses and do not think that you can change a toxic person. He can only change when he understands his mistakes and wants to become a better person.

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