9 Medicine Free Tips That Will Instantly Fix Your Sleep Issues!

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The benefits of a good night’s sleep are tremendously obvious, but then again, you have not been sleeping well, and you are still among the many who is not able to get enough of it. But interestingly, what you eat has a lot to do with how well you sleep.

Check out the foods you must include in your diet plan going forward to make sure, you are sleeping with ease!

1) Dairy Products

9 Medicine Free Tips That Will Instantly Fix Your Sleep Issues!
Source: 1st Class Med

Any dairy product like warm milk, cheese (makes you fat though) or yogurt contains calcium that helps your body to produce melatonin that triggers sleep. Pretty simple yet effective!

2) Sea Food

Fish like Tuna and Salmon also aid in making sure that you sleep like you used to as a child due to the existence of melatonin in B – 16 available in them.

3) Cereal 

9 Medicine Free Tips That Will Instantly Fix Your Sleep Issues!
Source: Health Line

A healthy cereal has two components to help you sleep better, i.e., carbohydrates from the cereal and like we mentioned above; it is taken with a dairy product which contains calcium from milk.

4) Chamomile Tea

9 Medicine Free Tips That Will Instantly Fix Your Sleep Issues!
Source: Good Nature Tea

Chamomile has always been known to be a relaxant. Sipping chamomile tea increases Glycine that relaxes the muscles and has a pinch of a sedative impact. But do not worry, researchers in England found that it is scientifically proven that Chamomile Tea is beneficial for sleep, including benefits cold too.

5) Honey

Honey raises insulin slightly and allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily. A spoonful before bed time is good for a relaxed sleep and if that is too much, stir the spoon into a warm glass of milk.

6) Whole Grains

Magnesium deficiency is a big cause of no sleep. Whole grains have a good supply of magnesium, and thus they aid in sleeping peacefully.

7) Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 in banana supports making of melatonin that induces sleep. More so, potassium and magnesium are great for relaxing your muscles naturally, and bananas are the best source for both!

8) Jasmine Rice

The high glycemic index of white rice helps you fall asleep faster. An Australian study has found that Jasmine rice has better support for your sleep faster.

9) Almonds

The reason almonds can help is the presence of magnesium. Low magnesium makes it difficult for you to sleep, so a boost up is always appreciated.

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