9 Reasons Why A Woman Would Cheat and Feel No Remorse

When talking about cheating the general assumption is that the man is always (or almost always) the one to cheat. However, in recent years, there has been an increase of women cheating on their significant others. So what are the top reasons why women cheat? Below are nine top reasons why women cheat, and some of them may be surprising.

1. Revenge

A woman who cheats on her significant other for the sake of revenge is often using sex as a way to get back at them for cheating first. The woman having revenge sex is trying to prove to her significant other (and herself) that she is still desirable. It is also a way for her to show her significant other that they do not appreciate what they have.

2. Lonely

A woman who cheats one her significant other due to loneliness may be finding herself in a situation where she feels that she and her significant other no longer have anything in common. In this situation, a woman will likely be drawn to someone that shares the same interests as herself. She will be using this person as a way to fill the void of whatever she is not getting from her significant other.

3. Lack of Intimacy

Feeling physically and emotionally connected to their significant other is very important to women. When the relationship begins to lose the spice that it once had, a woman will tend to find ways to fill that need for passion and intimacy in her relationship. Often this is done through finding that emotional connection with someone else.

4. Need for Attention

Women need to feel validation from their significant others, and they need to feel important often. A woman that does not feel needed or wanted by her significant other will be more likely to look out for someone else that needs her or wants her. Women also tend to be drawn to the adventure that another person outside of her relationship will bring. If her significant other does not give her attention, she will be quick to look for out elsewhere.

5. Thrill

Many women who cheat due to the trill of it are doing so because they want to feel like the “bad girl.”  They are looking to use the cheating as a form to boost their morale and make them feel like they have control of what is happening in their life. A woman that cheats for the thrill of it will continue looking for thrill even after she has caught the first time.

6. Romance

When women spend time reading romance novels and romantic television shows, they build expectations that are not sometimes unrealistic. When a woman feels that her spouse is not meeting her expectation of romance, she will begin to look elsewhere for romance.

7. Backup Plan

As crazy as this sounds, some women will look for another man as a backup plan in case something happens to their relationship.  This idea is not so much seen in marriages but is seen in a surprising amount of dating relationships. These women have been burned by past relationships, and she is afraid to commit 100% to her current relationship.

8. Make her significant other jealous

Sometimes women do not feel that their significant other does not appreciate what they have, so they go above and beyond to get their significant other’s attention by cheating.  The only problem with using this tactic to create jealousy is that it tends to backfire on the woman.

9. Boredom

What is that saying: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”? A woman that is bored in her relationship will have wandering eyes. Sometimes, when a women craves human interaction and if her significant other is not fulfilling her needs, she will begin to look elsewhere for that attention.

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