9 Signs That Reveal You’re A Multipotentialite Empath

Everybody is searching for their purpose in life, and some people struggle with it indefinitely. It might be especially difficult for an empathic person because although they are strong people, feeling as much as they do can be overwhelming.

Empathic people experience stress because of the variety of emotions they have to handle daily. Due to their sensitivity, they’re able to pick up on the emotions of people around them, and that’s a lot for an empath to handle. Also, they have heightened senses, so they see, hear, and smell everything more intensively than others.

Empathic people will often second guess their decisions and wonder if they’re on the right path. They might feel lost and confused about their future. But not all of us are meant to follow a certain road; some of us have multiple paths that lead in the right direction. 

Find out if you are that kind of a person. Here are 9 traits of a Multipotentialite Empath:

1. You are hardwired into learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom

You can’t just stand still nor do the things that don’t make you a better person. You feel the constant need to grow and evolve as a person.

2. You have active imaginations

You can visualize your dreams and know exactly what you want from the future. You’re also a great problem solver because you have innovative ideas.

3. You look for ways to fill your creative mind space

You need to keep your hands active all the time. You can’t hold your creativeness back. This means practicing creative arts, writing, painting, playing games or using your imagination in other ways.

4. You may believe that you like trying out new jobs because you have yet to find a career that is a fit

One specific thing does not ever feel quite right for you. You keep feeling like something is missing, so you’re eager to try new tasks and jobs. You should find a job that is out of routine and varied.

5. You are talented at many things that are not connected.

As mentioned before, there is not one thing that suits you the best. You might be good at writing, interested in photography, and great at singing. Your hobbies and talents are not connected to each other.

6. You have a sense that you don’t quite belong to the world as it is today

Being an empathic person is hard because you feel that people don’t get you and you don’t fit in. You might even believe that you were born in the wrong era.

7. You love traveling to new places, and you have an inner urge for new kind of adventures.

You do not want to be stuck in a routine. You like to see and experience the world and meet new people. You need to have a constant change in your life, or otherwise, you will be bored.

8. Closed spaces, monotone tasks, and routines choke you.

You need space. Small rooms and crowded places make you feel anxious. Since you can feel all the energies, it gets overwhelming when they are all together in a small place.

9. You know you have a purpose, but you can’t completely define it.

You feel that the universe has a special plan for you. You know that you are not like the others, but it is hard for you to define your purpose. You just know that you are meant for great things and that you have to trust the universe.

So who exactly is a Multipotentialite Empath?

A multipotentialite empath is someone who has many different interests and purposes in life. He or she doesn’t have one true calling or one thing he/she is meant to do. It is important for a multipotentialite empath to learn new things and keep developing constantly. This keeps his/her mind sharp and makes him/her a great problem-solver.

Being a multipotentialite empath is a blessing, although sometimes it might not feel like it. Life gets overwhelming and stressful, but you have to learn how to handle all these different things and emotions. And when you feel lost, and without a purpose, it is important to trust your heart and let it guide you.

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