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9 Surprises Women Love But Would Never Ask You to Give Them

No matter what kind of woman you are dating, regardless of what she says out loud, little surprises that show your romantic side will always be appreciated. Here are nine little wonders you can do to surprise a woman that will surely put a smile on her face and earn you a permanent place in her heart.

1. Wake Her Up with Breakfast

It may seem cliche to some but deep down inside all women adore a partner who’s thoughtful enough to serve them breakfast in bed. It shows that you care and appreciate all that she does for you and then some.

2. Little Love Notes

Perhaps the most inexpensive of all, leaving cute little notes for her will instantly ignite an ear to ear smile on her lovely face. You know you love her, she knows too, but showing her in such a sweet way will surely have her swimming in bliss.

3. Spontaneous Shopping Trip

The majority of women love to shop; it’s practically in their DNA. However, put aside your personal opinion on buying for the moment (if you don’t like it) and take her anyway. She will adore you taking the time out of your day to go through the hustle and bustle that is shopping. If you’re lucky, she’ll put on a fashion show and strut her sexy self just for you. Everyone enjoys a bit of eye candy!

4. Date Night

So many couples get into a relationship, and the concept of going out on an ACTUAL date goes entirely out of the window. Step out of the relationship comfort zone and surprise her with a trip to her favorite restaurant for dinner or even the newest bistro in town for lunch and latte. Women love that stuff!

5. Romantic Trip

This may take a bit of planning on your part but if you play your cards right and get all your ducks in a row, surprising her with a romantic trip for two will be just the ticket to warm her heart. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant vacation either; a simple weekend getaway will do wonders for your relationship and have her teeming with excitement.

6. Send Flowers to Work

You’ve seen it in the movies and your favorite television shows: unexpectedly sending flowers to a woman while she’s at work. This public display of affection always goes over well with a woman. She’s rendered pleasantly speechless, and her co-workers are impressed: brownie points to you! Even if you can’t afford a full bouquet and a floral delivery service, even a simple rose on the windshield of her car will do just fine!

7. Do Her Housework for a Day

No one likes doing housework, not her, not you, no one. Lucky for her, you’re the kind of partner that doesn’t mind going through a rough day just for her. Tell her she has the day off from those annoying chores and she’ll be all smiles.

8. Plan a Home Cooked Meal for Two

A partner that can cook is always a great bonus for any woman. Take the time to plan a romantic meal for you both that you cook with your own two hands. Don’t worry about your cooking skills because she will appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and love behind it.

9. Compliment Her Publicly

The majority of people live their lives online, and if you’re not giving her a public shout-out once in a while, you’re missing out! Show her off to your friends and hers with a simple post complimenting her loving ways or recent accomplishments. You just can’t go wrong with that!

Sure, some of these may require more planning than others but, when you truly love someone, it should be straightforward to find the energy and the resources. Life with your lady will benefit highly, and you can guarantee the negativity will be kept to a minimum. Bottom line: when she’s happy, you’re happy!

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