9 Myths I Wish Someone Busted For Me Before I Got Into My First Relationship

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A new relationship is always fun and pretty exciting – especially when it is your first ever relationship. If you are at the beginning stages of your primary relationship, congratulations! You are starting an exciting journey in your life.

But here are somethings I wish someone had told me before I got too serious and I hope they help you as you go on this journey.

1. Flowers – all the time, for no reason

Looking back at this now, I realize that I was completely unreasonable in this area. You always see girls in the movies getting these huge bouquets of flowers just because their man was thinking about them – which is amazing, right? Well, it is completely unrealistic to think that your guy will be sending you flowers all the time, just because he’s thinking of you. More so, the novelty would wear off after a while, and they would not mean as much each time he sends them.

2. Everything will always be rainbows and unicorns

To assume that your guy will always be at his best is unfair to him. Just like you, he will have bad days that will make him overly cranky and hard to live around. Never assume that he is perfect, because, well, to be frank, he is not. When he is cranky, give him the space he needs to deal with his mood. Just acknowledging that he may need space will go a long way with him.

3. I am his priority, most of the time

I am embarrassed to admit this one, but I honestly believed that I should always be his priority. Looking back at it now, I realize that I was being completely selfish and should have never thought that. This attitude was completely unhealthy for both me and for him. It is imperative that you are a priority in his life, but you will not always be his priority, and that is perfectly normal.

Part of being in a relationship is finding the balance between what you both need and coming to an agreement on how to meet each person’s needs.

4. He will have his life figured out

To assume that anyone has their life figured out is completely insane. Just because you think he should have his life put together, does not mean that he will. The more you pressure your guy into figuring his life out, the less likely he is going to be to have it all put together.

5. Sex will always be great

Sex, one of the best parts of being in a serious relationship but just like everything else, it will not always be the “best sex ever, ” and that is okay. To expect it to be perfect all the time is silly. Just remember that if it is not great this time, you will be able to get more practice the next time around. Remember also, that there is such a thing as too much sex. Find a rhythm that works well for both of you and aim for that amount.

6. Mind Reader

I honestly believe this to be true of all women. We expect our men to be able to read our minds when, in all reality, they have no clue what in the world is happening. When you are mad at your guy, tell him that you are mad and tell him why.

Do not beat around the bush and expect that he will just figure it out on his own. Trust me; he will not. He is not a psychic, and he cannot get inside your head to figure out exactly what you are thinking. If he could read your mind, you would not be mad, would you?

7. He will always have six-pack abs

As we age our bodies change, it is a simple part of growing old. You may not believe me, but it is possible that your man will not always have the beautiful abs that he has right now.

It is a lot of work to have abs, and when life gets busy, he may not have the same physique he does right this moment. In the grand scheme of things, his abs (while wonderful) are just a part of him and have nothing to do with his personality.

8. Your parents will love him

Depending on the first guy you date, it is possible that your parents will not like him. This relationship is new territory for everyone involved, so your parents are going to be extra critical of the first guy you ever bring home. To assume they will love him is maybe a little unrealistic; however, if you love him, it is likely they will love him too.

9. His parents will love you

If your mom has any semblance of a good relationship with his mother, it is possible that she will not be your biggest fan. Just like your parents, his parents also hold high expectations for their son and the woman he chooses to date. Be prepared to be met with some criticism, but also assume they will love you because he loves you.

Hopefully, these little tidbits of information are helpful for you as you embark on your first relationship! Just remember it is important always to be yourself and things will work out exactly as they are meant to.

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