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9 Thoughts Only A Pregnant Woman Gets and Relates To

When it comes to being pregnant, there are many, many things pregnant women will think during their pregnancy. Being pregnant is one of the most exciting and overwhelming things that has happened in my life. Next to planning a wedding, having a baby is one of the most overwhelming experiences a woman will experience. During my first pregnancy I had a ton of different thoughts go through my head, and today I thought I would share nine thoughts only a pregnant woman has ever had.

1. Am I pregnant?

When I realized I was pregnant, I was in complete shock. I mean total shock. I think I took at least four or five pregnancy tests before I believed that I was pregnant. And even then, I was not able to fully understand it until I went to the doctor and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

2. Will I be a good mother?

After the initial shock of finding out that we were pregnant, I started thinking about what type of mother I would be? Would I be a good mother? Would I be able to help them to be good people? Of course, you never know what type of parent you will be until you have your child, but the questions started swarming in my head.

3. When should I tell everybody?

I knew that the best time is to wait until after the first trimester because the chances for a stable pregnancy would be more significant after the 12th week. However, I also knew that I could not keep it to myself for that long. So after much discussion with my husband, we decided to tell our immediate family as soon as possible.

4. How will we explain everyone?

I always knew that I wanted to do something fun when telling our family, but I was not sure how we would do it. It was terrific to start brainstorming ideas of how we would say to our parents and siblings, and it was so exciting to make the plan of how we would tell them.

5. Will this morning sickness last forever?

Unfortunately, I was one of the lucky women that had morning sickness throughout the first trimester. I hate having nausea, and I was sick throughout the first trimester and a little into the second. Let me tell you; I thought I was going to be sick forever. Thankfully, I was not.

6. What type of Dad will my husband be?

Apparently, I had fears about what type of mother I would be to my child, but another thing that I started wondering about was what type of father my husband would be. I have always known that he was good with kids, so the more I thought about I realized that he is going to be a fantastic father and I could not wait to watch that unfold.

7. Boy or Girl?

And do I care? I always had the thought that I would love to have two children – one boy and one girl. But when it came down to it, did I have my heart set on one way or the other? Honestly, I didn’t care what the sex of the baby would be as long as the baby was happy and healthy. I knew that I would be excited no matter what happened.

8. How badly will this hurt?

Seeing as I had never had children before, I had no idea what to expect when it came time to deliver the baby. Naturally, everyone has stories about their deliveries and how amazing or awful they were. I was not sure what to expect when we went into the delivery room, but I knew that the pain was probably not going to be something like anything I ever experienced before.

9. My boobs are way too big

This one is a bit comical, but I never realized how big my breasts would get from the pregnancy. I mean, I knew that boobs grew when a woman gets pregnant, I just didn’t know how big they would get.

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