9 Untaught Lessons About Sex That Will Instantly Make You Better In Bed

Was the last time you had sex good for you? If the answer is no, then why not? Sex is an important part of all our lives and whether you’re getting it weekly, monthly or even annually it should be something you enjoy.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to delight in the intimate act and instead view it as a source of anxiety and stress rather than something fun. Whether it’s physical or emotional obstacles, they feel they’re not reaching their sex potential.

Movies, online porn and even boasts from friends don’t help and set unrealistic expectations for what we should be doing in bed. Don’t let these sexual myths hamper your sexual fun, here are some truths everyone should remember the next time they head to the bedroom.

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1. Women Don’t Always Orgasm

The elusive female orgasm can put pressure on both partners during sex, but with the majority of women failing to orgasm during penetration, it’s not something that should be an issue. Instead, focus on giving pleasure to a female and if it results in an orgasm, high. If not, don’t make it an issue, because it isn’t one and you’re just going to make both of you self-conscious.

2. You Are Sexy

Body insecurities can ruin not only your sex drive but your confidence between the sheets. There’s no getting away with it, sex makes you feel vulnerable, and if you’re too self-conscious to put your body on the show, it can mean you’re reluctant to try certain positions or even reveal your body in all its natural, naked glory.

Whatever way you feel about your appearance, it’s important to know that if they want to sleep with you, they think you’re sexy and fancy the pants off you. Whatever you look like during sex, there is nothing hotter than someone enjoying it and having fun. Embrace that, let go of your inhibitions, and you will soon feel freer in the bedroom.

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3. Size Doesn’t Matter

A huge penis doesn’t equal mind-blowing sex in the same way someone with a tackle on the smaller side can still blow your mind. Sex is so much more than just the length of a penis, and it’s important to focus on that rather than the inches on offer.

4. Men and Women Are Tied When It Comes to Sleeping Around

If you were intimidated about how many sexual partners your guy has been boasting about, then don’t me. According to studies both men and women lie about how many people they’ve slept with – guys inflating their number, women playing there’s down. In reality, the sexes are about even when it comes to promiscuity. So if his number was making you nervous, it’s probably not as high as you think.

5. Everyone Looks Different

Self-conscious about how you look naked, or the shape or appearance of your genitals? Guess what? So are they and we can guarantee they aren’t worried about yours. The truth is, everyone is different, and there’s not one “right” way you should look naked. If they’ve got this far, you know they fancy you, and if they are someone who is going to run at first sight of you naked, you don’t want them around anyway. Forget about how you look and enjoy yourself instead.

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6. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Sex isn’t always romantic, and it’s not always a passionate entanglement either. Movies have given such a skewed image of how it should happen that when it doesn’t happen like that in real life, we can freak out. But, it’s not, and the most important thing to remember is that sex can be hilarious.

There will be awkward moments, hilarious mishaps and your body will do embarrassing things right at the moment you don’t want it too. Try not to be too uptight though and remember sex is meant to be fun.

7. They Are As Nervous As You

It can sometimes feel like everyone around you is top notch in bed, but the truth is most people share the same insecurities about sex. Everyone has their insecurities, and even those who seem super confident in the bedroom can be surprisingly nervous when it comes to hooking up – they just hide it well. Just remember everything you’re worried about is probably running through their head to.

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8. There’s No Manual

For all the sex advice dished out over the years, there’s no full-proof set of sexual moves that guarantee you an A+ in bed. Everyone and we mean everyone, will enjoy sex differently and what might have got one person screaming, might not have the same effect on your next partner. Don’t be put off if the first time wasn’t perfect. Unless they’re fortunate, most people need to get to know each other’s bodies and preferences before they have perfect sex.

9. Do What Comes Naturally

When it comes to sex, don’t assume you have to stick to some long list of sexual rules to have a real time. Whether it’s ditching or skipping foreplay, mixing up the positions or even sticking with just one because you enjoy it, sex doesn’t and shouldn’t come with a manual. Every couple will experience pleasure differently, so it’s impossible to think that one set way to have sex will satisfy everyone. Stop worrying about how your sex life compares to others, or believe there are certain things you have to tick off. Let sex happen naturally and listen to your body’s instinct, instead of what you ready in a magazine that week.

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