About Us

About Us

Peace Quarters is an online media publishing platform catering to the needs of women and men!

Respecting the very existence of individuals, we bring forth everything you need to know in your life. From how to tell off a narcissistic partner, to how to enjoy and absolutely love life!

With a massive contribution network, our writers are independently empowered to share their stories, experiences and knowledge, for you to learn!




What We Offer?


Peace Quarters is an open platform which allows our loyal contributors to share their stories, experiences and opinion with the rest of our audience. Our originals category primarily focuses on sharing the real-life thoughts of our contributors!

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Love & Relationships

As time moves on, people are starting to losing trust in relationships. Facing relationship issues, trying to find the latest dating trends or wanting to read someone else’s experience?

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Beyond a consistent eye on the latest trends of lifestyle, our category of lifestyle focuses primarily on talking about real-life concerns that you have!

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We all need peace of mind! With a busy life, career and the constant nagging of our parents, we really could use some. Our Mind category covers essential areas of aura, spirituality and some fascinating research!

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It is important. Yes, very important. There is a lot that popular media does not tell us and that is the gap we fill! Find out the secret natural ways to stay exceptionally healthy!

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