According To FBI Statistics, This Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign

What are the most dangerous zodiac signs?

It is commonly known that many things influence a person’s character and their features. The main influencers are family, environment, education and of course Zodiac signs.

We all have some specific features, that are only inherent in our Zodiac signs.

For example, Aries are very determined, Leos are quite bossy and Virgos do not forgive and forget.


What are the most dangerous zodiac signs?

Recently the FBI (The Federal Bureau of Investigation) published the birth dates of serial killers and psychopaths and this way we can analyse, which Zodiac signs are most dangerous and are most likely to become a criminal and which one would not hurt anyone.

So take a look at the least and the most dangerous Zodiac signs by FBI’s investigation:


This is the least dangerous Zodiac sign of all. Mostly Gemini are kind-hearted and good people, who do not take life too seriously. Their only bad feature can be that they tend to talk too much, but this is only annoying, not hurting nor killing anyone.


Aquarius is similar to Gemini, which means they also are pretty harmless. They can actually be the smartest persons, but their ego is also quite big.

Even if they commit small crimes, it is very hard to prove them guilty, because they are good at hiding the evidence. Aquarius have a rational mind and it is not likely that they would kill someone.


Leos have also quite an ego. They think highly of themselves and do not hesitate to share their success with others. They like to have control and be respected and listened to.

Although they have quite the dominate personality, they would no kill someone. Here are some interesting things to know about Leo.


Libras are usually very calm and patient people. That makes them great listeners and good for asking advice. They are very loyal and committed partners. Also, they look out for their family and friend.

Although they are calm, they can lose their temper when someone treats them or their close ones badly. And this might not end well. Even if it is not most likely to happen, Libras are able to kill when they are angry.


Virgos tend to be quite sneaky. They have some of the features of a criminal, but they would not choose violence and murder. They often commit smaller crimes.


Pisces are very loving and caring, but they also need to have control. They can become a bit unstable and insecure, which makes them dangerous.


Pisces have trust issues and they can get easily addicted to things and people. Many famous serial killers were born under this sign. For example, John Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos and more.


This is a very dangerous zodiac sign. Statistically Capricorns are behind most mass murders. It is not a good idea to provoke them or make them angry, because they are extremely dangerous.


Aries can lose their temper pretty fast. But their anger does not last long as well. Although they can get crazy and aggressive, they are usually not the killing type. Still, you should not test it out and get one mad at you.


Taurus are not killers. But they can be frauds, because they love luxury and money. This can take them to bad and dangerous paths. Of course when you make them angry, they know how to protect themselves and can become aggressive as hell.


This sign might be the craziest of them all. Sagittarius are people, who are great manipulators and controllers. Some of the greatest leaders and mass crime committers have been born under Sagittarius sign. For example, Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Joseph Stalin and more.


Statistics have shown, that most serial killers are born under this sign. So be careful around Scorpios, because they can be very unpredictable.


Cancers are the most dangerous zodiac signs of all. They need to have control and because of that they get very manipulative. They use this passive-aggressive behavior which makes it even more difficult to understand them.

Cancers can get extremely jealous, which may lead to murders and other crimes as history has shown.


In conclusion, every one of us has some features according to our Zodiac signs, but as mentioned above, there are other factors that influence and define us.

So of course this statistic does not mean that every Cancer or Scorpio is dangerous, but you should pay extra attention to their behavior.

And always, trust your instincts and heart – when something feels off about a person, it probably is.

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