According to Scientific Research, This Is What Your Dreams Actually Mean

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean?

There are moments when you cannot help but dream about the things you have gone through and things that you fear may happen in real life.

Do you sometimes dream about flying to a whole new destination?

Perhaps you have had a dream that is so embarrassing that you do not want to think about it that much. Some dreams are just so detailed that you do not wish to share them with anyone else because the dreams would reveal too much about you.

One of the things that people say about dreams is that it is a data dump – this means that it tries to get rid of the memories that you have acquired today especially if they are useless, so you do not have to clutter your mind tomorrow. This is the process that may occur between the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory the neocortex which is in charge of thoughts.

According to research, the neocortex is the one that is most active when people are asleep. It is also in charge of deciding which one is going to be placed in a long-term memory and which ones will be discarded. Some of the things that are being put into long-term memory may be snatched by the mind and will be shown through dreams.

A lot of the things that we dream about, the imagery that we see in our dreams, we do not remember them. This the reason why you can only recall a short portion of your idea even though you felt like you were dreaming for hours.

According to Francis Crick, “We dream to forget.”

There were a lot of people in the 90s who believed his theory. They genuinely feel that people dream about certain things to forget about them. As time passed on, however, people started thinking that perhaps things are not as simple as they seemed. One thing that you should remember, even if you forget about your dreams, the things that you think about are typically pondered on and analyzed for a long time.

Dreaming to Analyze and Understand

When you pay attention to your dreams, this may have a positive effect in your life. This is according to Deirdre Barrett who is a Harvard University psychologist and an author. The thoughts are still sorted out and cleared so that they can become valid in the minds of people. There may be some information that we would instead suppress.

According to Antti Revensuo, people may dream because of the Threat Simulation Theory. There are things that you dream about that may be connected to a lot of other things. For example, the brain may realize that there is a potential danger or something to be anxious about, so you dream an absolute dream as preparation to what you are about to experience.

Dreaming The Same Dream

Isn’t it surprising that even though people are born into different countries and are exposed to different cultures, there are some dreams that we all dream? All people have reported about dreaming of falling teeth or falling from a high building. This is a sign that all human beings are interconnected through something that can never be explained at present.

Some people dream dreams because there are problems that they need to solve and they do not know how they are going to go about it yet. Ideas may allow them to notice things that they had not seen when the event happened. This is the reason why you are recommended to study before sleeping when you are about to take a test the next day. Getting enough sleep is crucial because your memory will significantly improve.

Dreaming to Fulfill Your Wish

There are times when you dream certain dreams that you wish would occur in the future. For example, you may dream that you will finally meet your crush someday. You will dream that you have finally met the person and perhaps in the dream, you are dating the person. The dream may seem so real, but you cannot help it, you will wake up.

You have to realize that you would be able to sleep peacefully if you do not have any dreams that may distract you but it is also through dreams that you get some realizations.

You become aware of what is to come, or you get your wishes fulfilled. Your dreams may sometimes confuse you, but you have to admit that your brain always offers something that is interesting and fun to analyze.

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