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7 Actions That Could Destroy a Relationship

actions that destroy relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship that’s beyond perfect? Your partner is everything you could ask for, and unlike other relationships, yours had been one of compassion. Nevertheless, you never got to see it until the end. And when someone asks you what changed all you can think of is “I don’t know, it just happened. I guess we fell out of love.”

Why did the love suddenly fade? The real test of love begins after the initial years of cuddling, love-making, and sweet compliments. True love is emerging from these times of stagnation and inactivity and trying to keep the romance and intimacy alive.

The monotony and frustration that long-term couples usually face can trigger lovers to act irrationally. Even if unintentionally, many perfect relations see their end before it’s meant to. In these situations, you must be able to identify things that can destroy a relationship and mend it before it’s too late.

What Can Destroy a Relationship?

The thing about relationships is that it needs just one single slip-up to end it all. With time, love experiences its most mature and deep phases, and so does the fragility of a relationship. It is one of the many reasons why long-term relationships end. Be mindful of these actions not only from your partner but yourself as well.

1. Overstepping Personal Boundaries

As couples grow closer in a relationship, it is natural to blur the personal lines. Partners feel entitled to point out things that are usually of no concern. This includes commenting on the makeup you wear or the kind of video games you play. This can often make the other fed up with the relationship and want to leave.

No matter how connected you are, it is important to maintain the same level of respect as the beginning of the relationship. Giving your partner their privacy is also a sign of a healthy relationship.

2. Dwelling in the Past

Many relationships die early because either partner may have forgiven a mistake but only on the face of it. Bringing up past events in fights and exploiting vulnerable moments of your partner is one of the top-list things that can destroy a relationship.

Forgiveness is an integral part of a healthy relationship. So if you say you’ve forgiven your partner, then move on and let the mistakes stay in the past. Similarly, if you’ve decided to give your partner a second chance, don’t rub it in their faces. Put everything behind you and start over new.

3. Don’t Let Money Ruin It

There is a reason why business and personal relationships are two very separate departments in an individual’s life. Relationships that end because of money often leaves both parties on bad terms and sour opinions.

Matters related to money should only be included in relationships only when both of you are mature enough to compartmentalize your dealings.

4. Do not Encourage Family Mediation

Sometimes when couples get into fights, they run to their parents or siblings to find comfort and validation. This is a very immature approach to take in a relationship you want to keep in the future. Even though parents or siblings interfere in fights with good intentions, they might worsen the case.

Try communicating and talking about your problems with your partner only. Do not include third-parties unless you’re facing severe mistreatment or abuse. This will not only teach both of you to handle the downs in a relationship together but will also limit either family’s interference after marriage.

5. What Kills a Relationship Faster?  Infidelity

“When adultery walks in, everything worth having walks out.”

– Woodrow Kroll

As a relationship sails far into unknown waters, there will come times of uncertainty and depression. Couples lose the spark and intimacy they shared before. In such cases, either of the partners is tempted to satisfy themselves with other options. That could be harmless flirting or guilty one night stands.

Such acts of infidelity do not damage a relationship; it straight-forward kills it. If you adore the person you’re in a relationship with, show it. Distract yourself from such foul thought by coming up with a new way to rekindle the spark of intimacy and romance between both of you.

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cheating partner

6. Over possessiveness

You know it’s kind of cute when your partner gets all possessive and protective. Well, not so much. In later stages of a relationship, the couple is far from such acts of over-sweet love and has emerged into a more pragmatic form of love. Being over-possessive is just a measly attempt to let your importance known, which is not exactly necessary.

You need to know when your relationship has reached the point where you don’t need to enforce your presence. It is a sign of trust and dependency on your partner.

7. Not Owning Up To Your Own Mistakes

Fights, arguments, and differences are all a part of a relationship. Getting past it shows a sense of responsibility and understanding. However, these are usually things that can destroy a relationship. Call it selfishness or a matter of ego; couples do not want to own up to their mistakes and be the first one to apologize.

Those who know how to take responsibility for their errors are one of the wisest and sensible people. In a relationship, being the bigger one and owning up to your mistakes will not make you inferior. It shows that you’re a flexible and compromising person.

All beautiful things are fragile; that’s what keeps their beauty intact. If you want to maintain the same charm and charisma of your relationship, it will definitely require some extra efforts.

Every time you feel that your relationship is failing for reasons unknown, you need to re-evaluate. Ask yourself: What can destroy a relationship? If anything catches your eye, you know you’ve got some making up to do. There is nothing that can’t be fixed in time, relationships included.

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