Activities that Might be Getting you Exhausted

There are several activities and practices that we all should avoid, because if see these in a longer run, they are practically killing us. We might not notice them now but soon we will. Many people realize this later in life, when it is too late to snap out of it. 

If you’re young and are always feeling exhausted and tired, it is time you start thinking about your life. You should start taking regard for your health. Your mental state defines who you are, the more exhausted you are, the more cranky you get. Which can affect your relationships and get you depressed. Depression is something that you don’t need right now, since you’re young and you have a lot to do in your life right now. 

How to identify that you’re actually exhausted?

There are two kinds of exhausted feeling that we face nowadays. It can be both physical and mental. Both are dangerous and both are to be dealt with soon.

Physical exhaustion happens when you run out of breath, when you take the stairs and a little climb tears your stamina apart, for that you need to start going to a gym and quite some bad habits.

Mental exhaustion happens when you’re tired of your life and want to do something productive with it, but somehow you never find the will to execute your plans.

We are hoping this article helps you overcome both kinds and bring peace to you. We can only suggest, the hard work is your part to play. 

Too much caffeine

It could slowly be messing up your energy levels in the long run since caffeine only gives you an initial boost of energy, once it wears out, you are left feeling more exhausted. I love the phrase “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you feel alive”, however, too much caffeine can be very toxic for your health. Caffeine gives energy to your brain, making your brain excited enough to work. It destroys your sleep cycle and ruins your routine

Occasionally, people use it in exams and reports but as professional life falls on them, they take it to the next level and start using caffeine daily. Daily intake of caffeine destroys neurons, which are responsible for every decision you take. The less neurons, the less your brain works.

One more thing to keep in mind, your body doesn’t generate neurons, every human has a specific number of neurons and they can’t be replaced. Too much caffeine can also affect your sex life by decreasing your stamina so, be careful. 

Why am i always tired and have no energy?

Unaddressed allergies and deficiencies

It is known that when allergies are left unattended, they end up exhausting you because the chemicals released against allergic reactions take up the energy. Energy is the key player here, all you need to be active mentally and physically is energy. The more energy you have, the less likely you are to be exhausted. 

Now, people usually leave allergies and deficiencies to get well on their own, rather than consulting a doctor about it. Life can be busy and tough, but as we know, no health no wealth. If you have any kind of allergy of deficiency, it is time you consulted a doctor and get it treated. These deficiencies strain your body and consume all your energy. Your body won’t function properly if it lacks the nutrients and vitamins required to work. People usually start to take medication with any help, this could be a disastrous backfire.  

Too much stress

Stress is dangerous, you won’t know and it is killing you already. Some side effects of stress are; depression, anger, mood swings, lack of concentration, tiredness and lack of diet. All of these side effects lead to more dangerous diseases, so it is best to ignore stress and keep calm no matter what happens. People usually take work seriously and procrastinate until the last moment. Postponing work is adding unwanted stress to your brain. Mental health is very important when it comes to overall health. 

We tend to take stress relieving alternatives such as alcohol and cigarettes which are even more harmful than being exhausted. Too much stress can get you easily exhausted from life, it will effect your mental health. Stress can be released by working out, don’t work out like a wrestler or a model, just exercise to keep yourself warm and active. 

Once your brain is active and healthy, your body will automatically start feeling healthy. The tiredness will go away in no time.  

Unstable mental health

Unstable mental health or sadness can also lead to tiredness. When you are depressed over something, you start taking life for granted. You become more lazy and tend to procrastinate, which as mentioned above, invites unwanted stress to your brain. People go through a lot of different stuff, departure of a beloved or breakups can lead to sadness or depression.

Learn to let go of stuff and if you are having a hard time moving on, you should consult someone about your problem since it can turn into something even worse and before you know it, you’ll start losing weight and catch up with some unwanted disease. 


Cancer alert! Smoking doesn’t make your stress go away, it is just adding to it. Smoking is one of the worst habits one can catch. Smoking kills neurons and slow down your thinking process. Not only that, you’re exposed to post depression, after a long evening and several smokes, guess who’s heading your way? DEPRESSION! 

Depression can happen to anyone but bringing it into your life via smoking is not good for anyone. First of all it will damage your physical health and then it will start to melt your brain down. Your thinking capability will be compromised and there will be not much you’ll be able to do about it. 

Smoking destroys your stamina, it burns calories, calories required for you to get energized during your day. If a non smoker can run for 10 meters straight, a smoker will be able to run only 3 meters. That is how much it will kill you. If you are exposed to secondhand smoking or smoking, it is time you decided to quit smoking and start a healthy life!

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Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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