Activities That Can Keep You Happy

Happiness is relative, for some people money is happiness, for some it is love, but the real question is what actually happiness is?

Happiness is a state of mind, where we feel relieved of our problems, where we laugh and learn to love. Loving is happiness and whatever makes you feel relaxed is what you were made for. 

Not everyone achieves happiness, some categorize happiness as a subject of spirituality and to be one with the divine. However, you won’t know happiness unless you understand what brings peace to you. We have shortlisted few things which can get you closer to happiness. In the end it is your own passion which will define your own happiness. To be honest, my happiness is this, communicating with people and sharing different experiences from all around the world. 


Your mind has an endless capacity so there is always going to be room for new and exciting things. Find out about the things you didn’t know about and see if you find them interesting. Invest your time into something productive. Productivity is your path to positivity and once you’ve attained a positive connection with life, you’re set to go on higher paths. 

Learn different activities, whatever you wanted to learn when you were young. Remember that guitar class you never took? Internet has made life easier so pick a guitar and take online tutorials. For some makeup tutorials bring life to them, do that. Learn to play sports you never learned. Keep bringing new things into your life to exercise your brain and to keep your brain healthy. 

Do simple activities

Walking your dog, taking a swim, hiking a small hill, biking, yoga and the list goes on. You earn happiness the moment you start valuing simpler things. Keep yourself active, doing nothing makes you wonder about life and thinking about the past only brings unresolved problems which might get you tensed and even worse, depressed. 

Join a club and start with some physical activity. Start with regular exercise at any gym. Gym helps a lot. No one is asking you to become muscular, just keep yourself fit. Exercise helps you keep your brain active and fastens your blood circulation, it also increases your diet. Which encourages you to have a healthy diet as well. 


Travelling does not need to be extra expensive, travelling can be done through easier means as well. Travelling only means exploring the places you have not yet been to and that can be as easy as taking a walk to that street you had never been to. Travel helps you to take your mind off unwanted stress, whether be personal or work related. Once you’re close to mother nature, you feel free of worldly benefits and you just get lost in the vibe. If you’re a student, take an exchange course. The change in atmosphere and the cultural shock will teach you a lot. 

Travel is one of the most stress relieving, mind relaxing remedies present in this world. Travel doesn’t have to be big. You should always keep a jar labelled “travel”, in which you put money time to time, saving for a nice trip. Now don’t wait long enough, take a trip to another city, to the suburbs. To Atlantic City or Las Vegas. And if you have the means, take some time off and visit Europe. Go to Greece and enjoy the great Roman empire that once stood there. Life is too short to sit around in your rocking chair, thinking about homework or reports which need to be submitted.  

Choose a healthier diet

Even if you can’t shift to a healthy diet 100%, you can always go for it once in a while. A healthy diet is known to have a direct effect on your mental health. There are many people for whom, food is everything. They are very conscious about what they eat and yes they are right. A healthy diet does make you happy. The healthier you eat, the healthier your body is. 

Keeping a healthier diet doesn’t mean that you should stick yourself to vegetables and fruits. Explore a bit, go and eat different kinds of cuisines. If you haven’t tried Thai food, or Mexican food, it is time that you should. Eat different things and learn about people and their culture. There are many tasty cuisines that we haven’t even heard about. One thing which I love about travelling is getting to eat different kinds of food.  

Do not risk your safety

Adventures are cool but you need to stay fit in order to keep enjoying such experiences. Keep safety measures and don’t risk your life for something because it will all be worth it only if you’re alive to see how it went. Keep yourself away from unwanted danger, don’t take a walk in the alley after midnight. Being mugged is disastrous.

The trauma is uncanny, so it important that we take care of ourselves. We won’t be able to enjoy life if we keep ourselves at risk. Also keeping yourself at risk invites unwanted anxiety which can lead to further mental disorders. Always prioritize your safety and be with people who make you feel at home. 

Before you risk your safety, regardless of how less regard you have for yourself, at least think about the people who love you with all their heart!

Practice regulation of emotions

(overcoming negative emotions and negative mental states)  

Learn to share your problem with people. The more you share, the less burdened you feel about your problems. You learn to trust people with your emotions, you learn how to control them, how to make people understand your emotions. If you like someone, let them know. If someone is bothering you, or not paying attention to you, let them know. 

Talking your problems out with people bring you closer to its solution. If you partner is not paying attention to you or if he/she is not providing you with their proper time and care, let them know. Maybe they will try to fix it, but they won’t fix it unless they know they’ve done something wrong. 

Wife’s Happiness Is More Important Than Husband’s for A Lasting Relationship, Study Finds

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