ADHD and ADD Sufferers Might Actually Be Indigo Children, According to Psychotherapists

There are a lot of people who are suffering from ADHD and ADD who are not always looked at favorably by society but what if these people can be greater than the average people?

There are a lot of skeptics who do not believe that Indigo Children can exist but Doreen Virtue, a former psychotherapist, believes in them. She has already said that the Indigo Children are in charge of getting rid of corruption and other problems with the society. These Indigo Children are not given a chance to make the best out of their abilities because they are prescribed with Ritalin which can stop them from using their special gift.

It seems that there are a lot of children whose childhood are ruined because of the intake of various drugs. A lot of parents assume that their children are having problems even when they are just child-like – as this is their nature. What if the Indigo Children are real and they are being dumbed down so that they will not be able to carry out their purpose?

Vice – Their Report on Indigo Children

Vice became interested in Indigo Children and had decided to meet up with Indigo Children to understand them better. Haynes, who was the representative of, underwent a dentistry examination. His aura was also read by a mother and daughter who are considered to be Indigo children. He also met “Underachievers.”

Based on what Haynes found out, Indigo Children are becoming more aware of who they are and what their purposes in life are. What if your child is an indigo child? Would you deprive him/her of his/her primary goal?

Some Traits of Indigo Children

It is essential to be aware of the typical Indigo characteristics that children may have such as the following:

  • They are not that good at following authoritative figures.
  • They believe that different things can be done creatively.
  • They often come up with ways on how to do things better.
  • They will be very honest about what they need.
  • They do not become guilty when you try to use the approach “guilt discipline” with them.
  • They can be rebellious.
  • They know that they deserve to be valued.
  • They know that there is a reason why they are here.

Do remember that the traits of Indigo Children may still vary from one child to another but the traits mentioned above are the most common that can be found in almost all. How unique are these children? Is there a chance that you may be an Indigo child but you never knew about it all along?

Vice’s Documentary on Indigo Children

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