This Polish Advert Went Viral For Melting Millions of Hearts For All The Right Reasons!

Allegro, the most popular Polish online auction site has released a touching commercial. It’s a story about an elderly man from Polish who orders a book called “English For Beginners” and starts a mission to learn a new language.

Created by Warsaw-based agency Bardzo, “English” makes a statement that allows things to carry a deep and profound purpose. This old man is on the journey to learn English for all the right reasons.

More so, this advert also establishes another important subtle message that no matter how old you are in life, it must never stop you from learning and picking up new things. Often times, we look at the calendar and realize that our birthdays are around the corner. This unfortunately, many a times, makes us reflect on our previous year and disappoints us of what we couldn’t do.

This advert proves that impossible is nothing.

The single greatest motivator in life are your family, friends and the people you know. All it takes to ensure that you continue to work towards improving are the people around you. With the day and age of technology we have lost our relationships with the people who mean the most to us. For what started as something which would connect us has completely distorted our realities and drastically changed it.

This is a video you must watch and share. It is the subtlety of this advert that gives the most beautiful message we all need.

Enjoy the video! And warning, this may be too emotional! 

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