An Open Letter to the Millennial Generation – We All Know You Are Frustrated

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So are you in your 20’s and confused about what might unfold in your life in later years as you look forward to having a better lifestyle? Are you as blind and scared of many years of torment resulting from a daily routine of work for you to obtain something to eat, enjoy with your friends and start a family?

Dear 20 Something Millennials, 

Well, do not worry at all because this is a norm in quite a good number of youths in their 20’s. To be precise, I also found myself as worried and confused as you. Come on you are not alone!

At times I ponder and wonder what’s in store for me especially after finding myself in a world where almost everything has been commercialized, the economy runs your daily routine and a world where ‘survival of the fittest’ gets its definition.

Pondering whether there is something that might have gone wrong about life in the 21st century has been one of my all-time worries. At the same time after looking at the loyalty levels towards daily work by those in employment, I always end up asking whether that’s what’s in store for me or maybe something worse.

I landed my first job as a teenager when I was fourteen, and all I can remember is that I welcomed this opportunity passionately. However, I came to realize later that working and reporting to work on a daily basis, being monitored, hitting daily targets and working to meet goals plus many other things looked quite scary to me.

I remember pretty well how the owner of the company I worked for as a teenager used to reward his best working employees with goodies. While working for the company, I landed the opportunity of being the employee of the month based on my efforts, but this was not enough to keep me at the company since I ended up moving from one job to another.

The fact that some people worked for so many years, with one job ending up with a sea of experience, I job hopped almost monthly. This made me think whether there was a need for me to go to school, college then ends up in the same vicious circle.

Maybe my mentality about working and getting employed got it wrong, or perhaps the problem was with the employees toiled for years with large levels of job loyalty.

Some of the facts about work that worried me the most were the fear of getting laid off at any time, being answerable to someone, being under pressure to hit daily targets and not getting my own free time to do my stuff. These among other things made me see that the problem was actually with those people who gave their time to get employed and work.

I kept the whole situation and fear to myself. To sure people, this would be labeled as being paranoid, but on my side, I saw it as the perfect thing that must be emulated.

What if there was nothing like work?

To me, life would be better because, with nothing like work in the daily routine, I could spend more and more time doing what is passionate to me and have more free time to discover new things and places. I could as well avoid deferring my free time to the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s.

What’s so good about working for three-quarters of your life and ending up with only something close to a quarter to be free and enjoy after retirement? Is there any sense behind that?

Tell me! To make it worse, you might get laid off at any time, and the stress of looking for another job comes in.

Who oriented life with work in the first place? Was there any form of consultation with someone just woke up and put work at the epicenter of life? These and many other questionable things about work give me hope of attracting more people to my side and way of thinking. It is possible.

As I figure out how to make it work, I hope my friends in the 20’s have seen sense behind the whole issue of work. If anyone told me to get a job, I would probably compare it to being condemned to be under pressure for almost all of my lifetime. I see my mentality about work to be right but close to 90% of people would see it as a populist way of thinking. I cannot judge the way they see it. Maybe they lack a role model who lives the way I think.

If given more seriousness my way of thinking is possible.

As a result, I quit all my jobs and became a writer working from home. This keeps me accountable only to myself and gives enough time to enjoy life and work on my relationships with my family and friends. Hence, as a result, this doesn’t mean that you should do the same but follow your dreams and your goals. If you want to build your own company and work for 17 hours a day, do that. 

All this is not for you to work less but to work with what you love. 

Stay strong,

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