An Open Letter to Those Who Have Failed

It would be a lie if I say we all have not faced failure at some point in our lives. We have all failed at something which we were not ready for. We have felt devastated as if our world has come to an end. Every time we faced failure, we became distressed, depressed and could not think straight.

Why is this so? Why did we not embrace our failures and learn from them? In childhood, we have all failed at some point in school. We failed that one exam that haunted us for days and made us feel like a disappointment for our parents. That little failure made us feel inferior to all those around us.

Don’t be gullible

We thought we were dumb, good for nothing and could not achieve anything in life. We were often put down, not only by our friends but sometimes also by our teachers. At a young age, dealing with failures was very difficult and we let it take over our lives very easily.

However, as we grow up, our challenges change and become more and more complicated. We start dealing with things differently. As we progress towards adulthood, we take decisions regarding the rest of our future lives. We think about career options and try to work hard towards what we have planned.

Accept your failures!

At some point, some of us failed again. We might not have been able to follow our career goals, or we did not get into the universities of our choice. We were devastated at the thought of not making it to our Alma-mater. We feared being made fun of by our loved ones for failing even before our career started.

What Should You Do to Help Your Loved One Who is Depressed

Later on in life, when we get past all the petty issues in our life, we get hit by love. Sometimes, we fail that too. When we fail in love, we grieve the loss of our loved ones for a long time. When we fail in love, we don’t lose a loved one only, we also lose our heart and soul over that one person. We lose our ability to trust anyone whole heartedly again and this failure is worse than any other failures of the world.

Emotions aren’t trustworthy

This failure doesn’t involve any worldly materials, rather it involves emotions. To those who have went through any of these phases where they felt like the world was crushing them under its weight, you should know that the universe is looking out for you.

I’m here for you and I understand all that you must’ve been through because I have stumbled through it too. I know it can be difficult to overcome your failures and rise above it.

I know it wasn’t easy but trust that success is right around the corner if you believe in it. Don’t you dare lose hope in yourself and in your ability to achieve whatever you wish for.

It’s okay to fail sometimes and you don’t need to worry too much, things will work out for you despite everything and you will be grateful for all that this world has to offer. It’s okay to be scared and doubtful but you should also know that anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

You will fail and you will overcome, but you should never lose hope in yourself. No matter how many people support you or put you down, you must always be your biggest well wisher. As long as you believe in yourself and your capabilities, there is nothing that can stop you from overcoming any hurdles that life throws at you.

Move on, no good comes from living in the past

Sometimes you just have to let go and accept that some things are not meant to happen for you. Trust that the universe has planned something a lot better for you which you will receive when the time is right. No matter what you failed in and what let you down, you can always rise back up and overcome all your fears.

Accept that luck has a lot to do in what happens in your life hence it is not always your fault. Go easy on yourself and let things unravel for you on their own. You will be surprised by the outcomes that this world has set up for you and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Failures are a constant in our lives.

No matter how careful we are, we will still always make mistakes and fail at some point in our lives. What’s most important is that we need to look past the grief of failing and learn what it teaches us.

We need to accept that failing does not mean that our world has come to end and that we cannot spring back and succeed in our life.

You are perfect the way you are

Every failure must give you the will to move forward even stronger than before. There must be nothing that can hold you back from achieving what you really want from your life because in the end, you are your own hero. No one else will take the blame for your failures and mistakes. Check out this guide on 5 WAYS OF HOW TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF FAILURE PSYCHOLOGY

Learn to own up to what you do and you must have the courage to fix things if they go out of hand.

You need to get your confidence back and you need to do it yourself. You cannot rely on your family or friends forever and they can’t help you with everything.

One day, when you are through with your life, you will sit back and thank all of these let downs for shaping you into your incredible future self. You will laugh at yourself for being too worried and you will regret not enjoying some of the best moments of your life just because of a few setbacks. Learn to take life one day at a time and you will prosper.

Live in the present and leave the past where it belongs. You’ve failed, been upset and overcome but as long as you’re living through, it is all worth the effort.

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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