7 Ancient Life Laws of This Native American Tribe Will Flip Your Life Around

The Native Americans consider all life on Earth as sacred. As we live our lives in these busy times and distractions, we all work to heal the Earth or at least hope for it to happen. For centuries, Native Americans have set examples for us and how to ensure that life goes beyond war and money.

Native Americans live by rules and laws that has kept them strong even today. Here are the amazing Lakota Sioux Laws that will change your life!


For the Lakota people, spirituality is the key component. Everything is sacred, including Mother Earth and hence, they honor it and greatly respect her. Their gratitude is amazing towards the creator and they pray to the Great Spirit. For the Lakota people, it is never the case that the land belongs to us, however; it is always us who belong to the land.


Another key teaching of the Lakota people is believe in respecting life. For the Lakota people, the dragonfly is as important as water. Their primary belief is to help others and preserve the Earth. They believe in peace, equality, and justice, and respecting all of our brothers and sisters, regardless of skin color or nationality.


We all belong to Earth, this is where we are born and this is what we leave, so why treat others differently with disrespect or lack of empathy? We are all born the same way, from the same source. Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself, because life is a cycle and everything you do, comes around.

Compassion is important to the Lakota people, as they all work together and lean on one another for support and survival.


Although all Native American tribes have honesty as one of the most integral part of life, they Native American people work together and dishonesty creates a barrier in between. They teach their youth to live a righteous path and not lie to themselves more than to others.


We have sincerely lost the sense of giving in today’s world and simply just want all the time. We always think, “How will this benefit me?” or “What can I get out of this?”, first. However, the Lakota people recognize that to give is to keep the Earth in balance, for we cannot just take, take, take and expect the planet to remain in alignment. They teach to give as much as you can, and to help your fellow brothers and sisters if they need assistance. Care for others like family, and only take what you need.


Another teaching the world can learn from the Lakota Sioux tribe is to live humbly and simply. They don’t believe in bragging. They live on the basis of the laws of nature and nature is greater to everything. Living in perfect harmony is key and without needing to show off or gain acceptance from others.

The Lakota Sioux believe in strength of character and honor, and both of these require great humility.


The Lakota value ancient wisdom and knowledge from sacred ways of life. They learn and continue to live on the teachings of their ancestors and the great chiefs and leaders within their tribes to find answers. They believe in the wisdom provided by the Great Spirit and Earth and never pass the opportunity to gain more knowledge.

Now that you know the teachings of the Lakota, we look forward to knowing that you have taken some of these laws into your life. Mother Earth is everything, she gives us life, nourishment and comfort. We wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for her. Respect and protect her.


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