Patricia Becker

Patricia Becker is a Wellness Coach, using Diet, Breath and Yoga. She is a Hatha Yoga Instructor at Stanford University Health Improvement Program and the Vegetarian Dinners Manager. She has great enthusiasm for life, love and health. Patricia provides nutritional counseling for clients worldwide via Skype and telephone. With 25 years of study and practical experience, Patricia’s teaching blends a playful perspective with solid food guidelines and principles based on macrobiotic wisdom. She will help you understand what is best for you to eat, without complicated calorie counting and isolating nutritional food values. For Patricia, organic whole foods play a key role in her physical and emotional well-being. When not teaching and coaching, Patricia likes to make cookies, hike, bike, and enjoys the company of her friends. She has recently produced a Radiant Wellness Online Class Series - learn more at her blog / website at www.YourHealthandJoy.com.

Posts By Patricia Becker

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