Here Is Everything You Need to Know To Welcome The Energy Shift of The Autumn Equinox

You know that there is a difference in the air. The nights are starting to be tinged with a bit of cold and the leaves of the trees are turning into a more orange-red color. The Autumn Equinox is bound to fall on the 22nd of August of 2017.

This is known as the “second harvest.”

This is the time when all of the Earth’s fruits become fully ripened.

The Autumnal Equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator. This is similar to the Earth’s equator which means that it is an imaginary line. If you are wondering where the word Equinox has come from, it comes from two Latin words. Equi means equal and nox means night.

The Autumn Equinox is said to be the time when you can experience the fruits of your labor as you celebrate your hard work. This is the time when you can wear your most fanciful outfits and celebrate in the most lavish setting.

Providing Balance

This is said to be the time when the Earth is perfectly balanced. There is equal light and darkness, night and day. This is the time when you can think about what you want to get. Take a look at what you have labored for so far. Were you able to plant the seeds that you want? Were you able to get the fruits that you are hoping for?

Now is the opportunity for you to think about the days that have passed. Are there still some loose ends that you were unable to fix? These things will let you know what to expect.

The energy that you will get from the Autumn Equinox will prompt you to get rid of all the negativity so that you can get rid of habits that are causing some destruction in your life. Now is the time when you can focus more on how to be grateful and inspired.

Green Men, Gods and Goddesses

The Green Man is known to be John Barleycorn. He is known for sacrificing his life to ensure that people are going to have a bountiful harvest. He has returned to the womb of the goddess so that he can be reborn by the time that the Winter Solstice comes.

The Green Man is honored by offering the following:

  • Wine
  • Ciders
  • Herbs

Take note that the herbs should be sacred. A few examples of the sacred herbs are the following: Milkweed, Sage and Blessed Thistle.

The Triple Goddess is going to move from becoming a mother to an old crone. She is ready to get what she has planted. As she goes towards the underworld, this signifies the start of winter.

Welcoming the Energy into Your Home

If you would like to welcome the energy of Autumn into your home, your best option is to make sure that you have an altar wherein you are going to place some Autumn cookies in various colors, You need to decorate with some more fruits like apples, blackberries and so much more. Make sure to add some Autumn Equinox too in order to improve the positive coming of the energy.

Healthy Dishes This Equinox

There are some Autumnal fruits that are considered to be important in order to improve what you will get. Make sure to prepare meals and desserts that include the following:

  • Apples
  • Blackberries
  • Rosehips
  • Elderberries
  • Rowanberries
  • Sloes

Harvest Moon

This refers to the full moon that is the closest to the Autumn Equinox. This full moon has gotten its name because it allowed the farmers to do some harvesting at night through the light of the full moon.

This is said to rise half an hour after the equinox, and it is normally seen a little bit too close to the sky. This makes it more visible to the naked eye. People can usually decipher various colors that are not commonly seen.

Journey With The Sun

It has been said that the sun has always been a vital force in everyone’s lives. Through the sun, spiritual awakening is possible. It has been said that the sun represents how passion becomes ignited in a person.

Everyone will experience darkness at one point in their lives but by being ignited, we will be able to gain back our passion again for the things that we want to do. We need to learn how to battle our demons and all of our weaknesses so that we can be prepared in time for the Winter Solstice.

This time, it is best to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Celebrate with all of the things that you have received. Allow yourself to view the sun as it goes down and the harvest moon comes out. It can be a magical moment that you will only get to experience once a year.

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