13 Benefits of Almond Milk You Didn’t Know

benefits of almond milk

Almond milk is creamier, lower in fat and calories, and more vegan-friendly than regular milk.  Plus,almond milk is naturally lactose-free.  What’s not to like about almond milk?

The answer is nothing because almond milk not only tastes good but it is also full of good-for-you nutrients.  Almond milk benefits your whole body from your heart health to your eye health.  There are many health benefits of almond milk because almond milk contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help your body operate more efficiently.

13 Benefits of Almond Milk

1. Reduces Blood Pressure

almond milk benefits

Almond milk has low concentrations of sodium and high concentrations of Vitamin E and Oleic acid.  According to a clinical trial performed by the Department of Nutrition at the University of California-Davis, the Vitamin E and fatty acid (Oleic) in almonds can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad one), increase levels of HDL cholesterol (the good one), and defend lipids against oxidation.  By doing so, almonds and almond milk can reduce blood pressure and the risk for heart disease.

A glass of almond milk a day can give you 30% of your daily value of Vitamin E.

2. Supports heart health

Benefits of Almond milk consists of rich in omega fatty acids and potassium, which reduce the risk for high blood pressure and heart disease.  Plus, almond milk does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fat in it.

A healthy heart keeps blood pumping through your veins.  Itlets you run a 5k without passing out. Most importantly, a healthy heart allows you to experience life.  Nothing is more important than that, so keep your heart healthy with a glass of almond milk, a healthy diet, and a good exercise routine.

When you drink eight fluid ounces of almond milk, you will take in 35 mg of potassium, which is 1% of your daily value.

3. Builds Muscle

almond milk benefits

There is also a high concentration of Vitamin D in almond milk, which helps build muscle, combat fatigue, and lower muscle fat percentages.  These key components will make your hours at the gym easier and more profitable.

Almond milk is also a great source of Vitamin B and iron.  Vitamin B helps you build stronger muscles while Iron prevents muscle soreness after a strenuous workout.

A serving of almond milk has 25% of your daily value of Vitamin D, 4% of your daily value of Vitamin B, and 2% of your daily value of Iron.

4. Supports Kidney Health

Almond milk is packed with Vitamin D, Calcium, and Potassium, which supports healthy kidney function and decreases the risk of kidney diseases.  Vitamin D keeps your kidneys in check by regulating the removal of waste and fluids from your body.  Studies have also found that Vitamin D can help treat various forms of kidney disease.  While Calcium and Potassium regulate the filtration of blood through your kidneys.

You can find 45% of your daily value of calcium in a cup is also one of the benefits of almond milk.

5. Repairs damaged skin

almond milk benefits

You can drink almond milk to stimulate healthy cell growth or you can apply it directly to your skin.  The Vitamin D found in almond milk promotes healthy cell growth which helps damaged skin to heal faster.Plus, the Vitamin E found in benefits of almond milk is a great antioxidant for the skin because it prevents cellular damage.

For an easy and all natural cleanser, mix equal parts almond milk and rose water to create a gentle cleanser that is perfect for repairing damaged skin.

6. Promotes Eye health

Almond milk has almost 50% more Vitamin E than cow’s milk.  The high levels of Vitamin E protect your eyes from cellular damage and lower the risk for cataracts.

7. Builds Strong bones


A lot of Almond Milk sold in grocery stores is enriched with calcium because almonds are naturally low in calcium.  With the enrichment, almond milk has a higher percentage of calcium than cow’s milk.

Your bones naturally lose calcium.  To keep your bones strong you have to continually incorporate high concentrations of calcium in to your everyday diet.  In other words, you have to take in enough calcium to replace what is lost.

For people ages 16 and younger, a diet with high levels of calcium will produce calcium storage units in their bones.  These units will ensure that the teens’ bones will remain strong throughout their life.  As a result, high levels of calcium will decrease the chances of osteoporosis.

8. Fights cancer

Researchers at Clemson University found that benefits of almond milk slowed down the growth of pancreatic cancer cells by over 30%.

9. Strengthens immune system

benefits of almond milk

The Vitamin E found in almond milk supports a healthy immune system by protecting cellular membrane health and encouraging DNA repair.  When your body operates effectively, germs and bacteria are quickly targeted and eliminated.

10. Supports healthy weight

Almond milk is low in calories.  Benefits of almond milk like a cup only has 30 calories while 2% low fat milk has 122 calories.  And eight-ounces of skim milk has 90 calories while a glass of whole milk has 148 calories.

Traces of riboflavin are also one of the benefits of almond milk.  Riboflavin plays a significant role in the production of red blood cells and thyroid function. Your thyroid controls your metabolism.  You want your thyroid to operate as efficiently as possible so energy is distributed properly.  A healthy thyroid is a key component in maintaining a healthy weight.

By drinking a single cup of almond milk every day, you’ll have 4% of your daily value of Riboflavin.

11. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels

benefits of almond milk

Almond milk islow on the glycemic index, which means that almond milk won’t cause diabetics to have a spike in blood sugar levels.

12. Reduces risk for memory loss

Memory loss occurs when brain cells lose their ability to function properly.  Brain cells such as neurons are important for storing and transporting information.  When neurons are unable tostore and transport information then your brain loses valuable data. This leads to memory loss and a high risk for Alzheimer’s.

The high levels of Vitamin D in almond milk promote healthy cell function and support cell immunity.  Benefits of almond milk, you can help the neurons in your brain and spinal cord to operate more efficiently.

13. Clears out your fridge

Unlike regular milk, almond milk can be stored at room temperature, so you can have a little extra space in your refrigerator.  Because of this fact, almond milk is perfect for camping trips and road trips. With so many benefits of almond milk, you’ll never have to worry about the milk spoiling in the car.

Your body does a lot everyday to make sure everything is functioning properly.  Why not help it out with a glass of almond milk?  Almond milk is packed with nutrients and tastes delicious.  You can use it for a variety of vegan desserts and drinks. The creaminess and sweet, nutty flavor of almond milk makes it a delicious substitute for cow’s milk.  Plus, almond milk has significantly less sugar than soymilk. So why not give it a try to try these amazing benefits of almond milk?

Bake a cake or make a smoothie with it.  Almond milk will quickly become a family favorite with its thick and creamy consistency.  Warm up with a cup of vegan hot cocoa made with almond milk.  I promise you won’t regret it!

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