Living in this digital era, we often forget to take care of ourselves. By consuming so much of fast food and calories, we repeatedly ignore ourselves. However, despite all these factors we can live a carefree and healthy lifestyle. The key to it is: Cardio Workout.

Yes, you heard right. We can do some cardio workout for a healthy lifestyle. It keeps our body in perfect shape and also cope up with our gained weight. There are numerous cardiovascular exercises, we can do for an aerobicized body, the best of which are:


Research shows that cycling is a superb workout. It will make our body stronger. Belly fat will be reduced by it. We can ride a bicycle for about 20-60 minutes in order to burn about 400 calories. Cycling can also be done daily as it is gentle and moderate on the body. It will help you lose the overall body fat.


Running is note worthy in weight loss. It is a really nice calorie burner. Running everyday have some major health benefits. It reduces the risk of dying from heart attack or cancer. It also lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular and neurological disease.

So, stop making excuses and start running. If you can’t find a friendly neighborhood park you can also run on stairs as it is also very effective in burning calories.


We all enjoy a good day at the beach or a day at the pool to chill from the stressful routine. Ever thought I should really learn how to swim properly? Well, this is your chance to enjoy and exercise too.

Swimming is very helpful in losing weight as it burns calories and also boost health and fitness. Water based exercises also provides moderate resistance and build great stamina too.

It will also help you reduce the belly fat. More than 500 calories can be burnt by swimming per hour.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the most effectual cardio workouts for weight loss. It is generally termed as the full body workout and burns many calories per hour. There are many variations and different tactics to jump a rope.


Thinking of exercising but always procrastinating, because who has the time to go to a gym. Why not bring the gym to your home? One word, one machine and voila! You are fit as a fiddle.

Yes, Losing weight by running on treadmill is very effective. It will burn extra calories stored in your body which will help you in weight loss and will also lose the belly fat you’re always worried about.


Research has proven that sprinting is a cardio workout through which a person can lose more weight than other workouts. It is high intensity training. Meaning, you will have to put serious efforts in it but for a short duration of time.

It’s more effective for people with busy life because it requires less time but the results are better than other cardio exercises for weight loss. The plus point? It will give your butt a lift and also boost your stamina and metabolism.


Best cardio workout compilation would be incomplete without burpees. They engage every part of our body and burns 10 calories per minute. In each repetition, we’ll be able to work your chest, arms, thighs and abs. It’ll lose more weight than moderate exercises as it is a full body workout.


The kettlebell exercises keep burning your excess fat. By using kettlebells, one can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. This is a misconception that women cannot use kettlebells, whereas they can use it for their weight loss.

It’s difficult but once you put your mind and body into it you can achieve anything. So get on it; train, work and above all, be strong.


Elliptical Trainer is an exercise machine. The best part about elliptical workouts is they include weight bearing exercises with less contact with the joints so you don’t have to worry or be scared of any injuries. Studies show that this cardio machine can help you lose up to 400 calories in a certain hour.


Ever been on a boat? If no, don’t you worry. Here’s a workout that will give you the illusion of boating and help you lose weight. Talk about double benefits! The exercises done on a rowing machine will help you burn more calories than any other exercises.

Furthermore, rowing also allows you to build strength in your arms while you achieve your weight loss goal.

Stair climber

Cardio workouts also include the stair climber. It manages your weight and burns much calories depending upon your weight and the intensity of the workout. you can also stair climb regularly because it improves balance and tones your lower part of the body.

By doing these simple workouts, you can actually lose weight and can have your desire body shape.

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