Best Known Ways To Meditate For A Healthy Mind

The presence of stress and depression is not physical. You can’t see or touch it instead, individuals feel its effect on their mind and body. Gradually, stress becomes the root of numerous diseases born in an individual’s body. To avoid such diseases, it is mandatory to relieve stress. Thus, one of the most appraised ways of relieving stress is meditation. 

The benefits of practicing meditation can be seen in the enhancement of a healthy mind. Besides, researchers embark upon many ways to meditate that make minds healthy. Also, individuals witness physical well-being which is essential to living a long life. As there is not any right way to meditate, people can choose any of the following ways that suit them.

Metta Meditation

Metta Meditation

Metta meditation is loving-kindness meditation. It focuses on cultivating the attitude of kindness and love for everything, either it is an individual’s enemy or the source of stress. When the practitioners breathe deeply, they open the doors of their minds to kindness and love. They start sending messages of love and kindness to their beloved ones and the world. 

The key of this meditation is to repeat the message until a person feels love and kindness. As the metta meditation promotes the feeling of compassion and love to oneself and others. Besides, people who suffer from anger, frustration, and interpersonal conflicts can seek help from this pattern of meditation. Sources update that it is effective in dealing with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression.

Progressive Relaxation

It is also known by the term body scan meditation. This meditation encourages people to scan their bodies for tension and notice it, to release it afterward. During progressive relaxation meditation, the practitioners begin with the bottom of their body as their feet. Eventually, they work on their whole body by tensing their muscles first and then, relaxing them. 

Whereas, many trainers encourage individuals to visualize a wave that drifts over their body by relieving tension. Nonetheless, it helps abate chronic pain along with promoting relaxation and calmness.

Breath Awareness Meditation

Breath Awareness Meditation

This meditation is a sort of mindful meditation. During the breath awareness sessions, the practitioners take deep breaths slowly and focus on their countings. Besides, it focuses on breathing rather than thinking about something else. It helps reduce anxiety and improves concentration levels. 

Mindfulness Meditation

This form of meditation makes sure that a person remains attentive and is present in the moment. Rather than dwelling in the past scenarios or stressing about the future, it encourages an individual to be aware of the existing surroundings. People can perform this meditation anywhere. If a person is standing in the queue at a grocery shop, he can notice his surroundings calmly that takes into account the sight, smell, and sounds. 

Besides, researchers update that it can reduce the focus on negative emotions. Also, individuals experience improvement in their memory.

Zen Meditation

This meditation is also called Zazen. It comes under the Buddhist practices which require a teacher for guidance. Zen meditation involves diverse postures and steps. However, the basic goal is to seek a comfortable position and focus on breathing. Individuals striving to seek relaxation and a spiritual path and go for this meditation. 


In a nutshell, stress is responsible for many problems including increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing, and high blood pressure. To overcome such problems, meditation can work wonders. 

However, individuals often think critically of the results when they start meditating. It eventually undermines the benefits of effective meditation. Thus, if the key steps are followed in any of the above-mentioned meditation, it can enhance the lifestyle of a person. As it affects the sympathetic nervous system of the human body and abates chronic pains.

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